One Skill everyone should learn in 2022 – How to Choose a Skill to Learn

This article is about One skill everyone should learn. To give an introduction to this article, I will tell a brief family story to buttress my point.


Growing up in a family of six, three boys; three girls, my dad made it compulsory that each of us must learn a skill. This is irrespective of are choosing a career path.

One time my dad forced my elder brother to learn automobile repairs. We all were against it including my mum. Notwithstanding, my brother went on to spend 6 months learning automobile repairs. I still remember making jest of him whenever he comes back.

Suprinsenly, my brother went on a road trip with his friends and their car broke down in the middle of nowhere. My brother quickly folded his long sleeve and went down to work. After several hours my brother was able to put the car in a manageable position and they made their way back home.

My brother was nicknamed the Savior in the dark because of that particular experience by his friends. I remember how proud our whole family was when we heard the story and how my brother was not called the sewer in the dark.


Having a skill set is one thing everybody should endeavor to have. This is inside your educational Pursuits or carrier path. However, the most difficult thing is deciding which skill you ought to learn.

In deciding what skill to learn, I remember with precision what a friend of mine once said. He said that in deciding on a skill to learn, one should always put their career parts on the line. Essentially what he meant was that you should learn a skill that compliments your career paths. His reason was so that your skills will be helpful in your career line. For instance, an intending architect should learn and master the skills of drawing.

However, my approach concerning what skill a person should learn differs from the above position. I shall briefly disclose to you what skill a person should learn and the criteria and choosing a skill to learn.

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Which one skill do I think everyone needs to learn?

one skill everyone should learn

I believe the most important skill everyone should learn must have two criteria. These criteria are:

  1. The skill must be able to Add value or solve a problem.
  2. The skill must be able to bring money to the holder of the skill. Note, however,  that no skill has the potential to add value or solve an existing problem that is incapable of bringing financial returns. So, once a skill adds value, the resultant effect is that money comes.

Having noted the above criteria, what particular skill should I promote to my audience?

Over the years, one thing is certain and that is the competitive nature of the talent and skill market. A lot of skill set has has become irrelevant and has given way to another new skill set. A few years ago, basic computer knowledge was a sought-after skill but that is no longer the same. This is largely because of the wave and surge of technology.

It’s not enough to have a skill in a specific area but how relevant is a particular skill. The skill must have the ability to stand the test of time?

What is that Technological Skill I think you should Learn?

The world today has been overhauled by technology. It is an undeniable fact. With the influx of new technologies, businesses, institutions, and private engagements are struggling to remain afloat. Hence the need to reshape and remodel to meet the present-day technology world. Like would say, “If you’re feeling uneasy at the speed of change, hold tight. It’s only going to get faster.”

Bearing in mind that the world is fast evolving technologically, I would love to advise you to learn a technological skill. My number one choice is PROGRAMING. I will strongly recommend you learn a Programming Language. Create solutions and make money.

Why should you Learn a Programming Language and Start Coding?


Why should I learn to Code?

Steve Jobs once said “Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer… because it teaches you how to think” Let me quickly run you through the two (2) reasons why I strongly recommend learning how to code.

  1. Learning how to program or code teaches people how to think and how to problem-solve. These two skills are so important in every aspect of life. Unfortunately, I see especially today’s youth are just being lost and unable to solve navigate life when faced with certain bumps. Being a programmer offers you the ability to be problem-solving and critical thinking. While programming, you will encounter tons of problems, and you and to solve them before jumping to the next phase. This is one reason everyone should learn programming.
  2. The second reason is that there is a huge opportunity especially right now to make money from programming. The demand for programmers is so high in today’s world. People are looking to automate repeated tasks, create solutions, and what have you. The only set of persons with the skill set to offer the service required in today’s technological world are programmers. As a programmer, you can decide to work for a tech company or create products as an entrepreneur. Either way, you are set to add value and make returns.

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Learning a programming language isn’t just for persons that want to take a path in IT as a career. We’ve already established that programming develops and teaches you how to problem solve and think critically. This is a must for everybody seeking to explore the world either as a businessman or an administrator.

Aside from the above, programmers are hugely sought after in today’s world. It’s a big cash-out opportunity for a person with a programming skillset.

Lastly, I hope this article has been able to guide you on the One skill everyone should learn in 2022. Thank you for reading this article. For questions and contributions, kindly use the comment section below and reach out.


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