3 Reasons to List your Business on Top Voice Search Platforms

Make More Sales by Listing your Business on Top Voice Search Platforms: The goal of every business is to make more sales and maximize profit. However, until customers or potential customers come looking for your business, you may never make a sale or maximize profit. This is why marketing is a core aspect of the business. In today’s world, technology has changed every facet of human life including business and marketing.


Technology seeks to build on itself and offer different modules and techniques for carrying on life and business. These days voice searches have become increasingly high than typing. This is made possible by various top voice search platforms like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Bixby. People prefer to search the web by simply speaking to voice search enabled devices rather than typing.

This is because of the opportunity to target this class of web searchers who uses voice searches instead of typing their query. Thus, businesses need to rebrand to be able to get potential customers who are using voice searches to search the internet. This will generate more traffic and eventually turn into more sales.

What is the Purpose of this Article?

The purpose of this article is pretty straightforward. We decided to write this article to help understand how voice search platforms have offered a unique marketing opportunity. Also, we have prepared this article to give you 3 solid reasons why you should take advantage of listing your business on some top voice search platforms.

Basically, at the end of this article, you will be able to appreciate the essence of Listing Your Business on some Top Voice Search Platforms To for Better Ranking and Maximization of sales.

In recent times, Local voice search has become a growing alternative to typing and manually searching for goods. This is a feature every local business should take advantage of. Firstly, a business owner must learn how to get their business listed on Alexa voice search.

Meaning of Listing your Business on Top Voice Search Platforms

I will NOT assume you already know what it means to list your business on some top platform. I will briefly explain the same to you so you will be able to follow and understand the rest of the article.

As we earlier identified, voice search platforms include Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Cortana, and Bixby. These platforms make it possible to search for anything on the internet using voice. As a local business owner who makes moist banana bread recipes, you would want to be discoverable when potential customers search for ” where to buy moist banana bread near them”. Obviously, you would want to appear on the top search. Perhaps they will come knocking at your local store, make purchases and help you maximize profit.

To make you your business, brand, or services discoverable on voice searches, it is important your business is listed on various voice search platforms and optimized for voice searches. Thus, the process of listing your optimizing your business to be discoverable on some of the top voice search platforms is what we referred to as listing of the business.

Given the above background, let’s go-ahead to discuss the main aim of this section. Below are the 3 Reasons to List your Business on Top Voice Search Platforms.

Does Voice Search Optimization Worth It?

In an independent research by Alpine, over 1 billion voice searches were made in the year 2018 alone. Out
46% of voice search users look for a local business via voice search on a daily basis (Source: Voice Search for Local Business Study, BrightLocal, 2018).

Out of the above 1 billion voice searches, the BrightLocal Study on Voice Search in Business-related searches reveals that 58% of consumers have been able to find business information using voice search enabled devices. while 28% of the customers put a call across to local business owners after making a voice search.

List your Business on Top Voice Search Platforms

Essentially, whether it’s with a phone, TV, portable speaker, or any other device, devices are enabled to search the internet through speech. Sooner than you would imagine, the search will entirely be via voice rather than typing.

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3 Reasons to List your Business on Top Voice Search Platforms.

Below are 3 reasons why we recommend you list your businesses, brands, etc. on voice search platforms.


Search Engine Optimization is a much for every business seeking online visibility. However, with the rise of Voice Searches, the normal search engine optimization for typed words wouldn’t be the same with speeches.

For instance, when we type our queries on google, we often do this by typing the exact keyword we need.

Example: “Restaurants near me”

However we search the web via voice search, our searches are conversational.

Example: “What are some good restaurants in my local area?”

What this entails is that our search engines need to be good with semantics to be able to understand your query and give you the relevant result. Thanks to Google Hummingbird which has made it easy for Google to increasingly understand the true intent behind users’ voice searches.

Bearing the above in mind, the best you could do is to list your business on Voice Search Platforms. This is because when you do, you are already optimizing your business for voice searches.

Lastly, listing your business on Top Voice Search Platforms makes it possible for these voice search platforms to pick your business and show them in voice searches.


The truth is that with the current trend of voice searches, Voice Search optimization is a must. Importantly, optimizing your business for voice searches started with listing your business on the top voice search platform.

So if truly you desire to grow organic traffic, to your business and become more visible online, then you must list your Business on Top Voice Search Platforms. Besides, for businesses, more traffic equals more sales.


The truth is that when customers search for their favorite store or restaurants via voice search and it shows up, it builds credibility. The customers and happier and more satiated. Your customers would have to type anytime they need your services.

Optimizing your business for voice searches means your customers will be able to interact with your services more conveniently. It brings more sales and opportunities for better customer relationships.

What are the top Voice Research Platforms?

As of 2019, Microsoft conducted research titled “2019 Voice report: Consumer adoption of voice technology and digital assistants”. In that report, below are the top voice research platforms:

  1. Google Assistant. In the report, Google Assistant ranked 1st with 36% is quite impressive. After all, Google Assistant works for many Android phones and devices and also Google Home. It’s a large pool.
  2. iPhone/Siri: Like expected, Siri is fast chasing Google Assistant in the Report with – 36%. However, other considerations made Google rank first.
  3. Amazon Alexa is a voice/virtual assistant bought by Amazon in 2013 to be integrated into the Amazon Shopping Experience. In the research conducted by Microsoft, Alexa ranked third in the report with – 25%. It also works on Bing and searches for results.
  4. Cortana. Cortana is developed by Microsoft to function as both and voice and virtual assistant to users. It was ranked 19% in the research.
  5. Other. There is quite a lot of other voice/virtual assistant out there such as Bixby which is developed by Samsung. etc. These other Voice search platforms are rated as – 1% in all.

However, in 2020, the statistics changed.  According to the report by titled: “The Most Important Voice Platforms in 2020”, below are the change in statistics:

  1. Amazon Alexa ranked first this time.
  2. Google Assistant ranked second
  3. Siri ranked third in the 2020 report.
  4. Bixby developed by Samsung ranked fourth.
  5. Other: Notice that Cortana was omitted from the list. That’s to tell you that it fell in the category of others. Bixby outranked Cortana.

These are the top voice search platform every business owner should endeavor to list their business on. To read more on this topic, kindly revert to www. ZDNet and read their article on “The best Voice Assistant”

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Conclusion on 3 Reasons to List your Business on Top Voice Search Platforms

We began this article with a promise to give you 3 Reasons to List your Business on Top Voice Search Platforms. The essence was to convince you to list your business on various voice platforms. This is because we may it’s a marketing strategy you can’t afford to include in your business.

According to Google, there is over 27 percent of mobile voice searches across devices. This presents a huge opportunity for business and taking advantage of the opportunities it offers is quite easy. The first step is to list your business on the above-listed top voice search platforms. Thereafter, you proceed to do other little tweaks to keep your business fully optimized for Voice Search SEO.

We believe this article has fulfilled all the promises made. We believe we have discharged our promise very well. However, we also recommend that you visit to learn the 6 Proven Ways to Optimize for Voice Search.

Finally, thank you so much for reading this article today. For any questions or contributions, kindly use the comment box below and let us know. Do not forget to share this article if you think it was helpful.


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