How do Tools like Ahrefs get Backlink Data?

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However to a achieve a better result, we have decided to discuss this article under the following headings and they are What is Backlink?, What are the uses of Backlinks? How to find backlinks of any webpage or website and finally answer the question, How do tools like Ahrefs get backlink data?

What is Backlink?

According to Taras Vasylyshyn , a backlink is a link from one website to another. They are links used to signal search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc when two websites are linked to each other. It is important in SEO because if a website is linked to another, it shows that the content is valuable.

What are backlinks
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To understand this better, think of it like a reference in dissertation or article. If you are writing an article, you most probably will reference some sources you found useful in your article. You are therefore reference that persons work in your own work. That is exactly how Backlinks works.

A publishers write a content that is useful and publishes it. Another publishers writes a content that is related to the one the previous publisher wrote. The second publisher then references your page content in his own page content. Perhaps another publisher also finds the article helpful or related and he also makes a reference to it. It goes on and on.

Backlinks are crucial to the search engine algorithm, SEO, and your overall website growth strategy. Backlinks can be thought of as two-way communications between websites. Max, for example, is a blogger who recently published an interesting essay about a sporting event. When presenting his viewpoint, another blogger, Alex, refers to Max’s essay. He develops a hyperlink to Max’s post by writing about it on his well-known online magazine site. Many other websites will link to his piece because the online magazine is well-known. Max’s piece also receives a key backlink from a prominent site, boosting the authority of the online magazine.

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What are the Uses of Backlinks?

Backlinks are powerful are catalyst in boosting website’s rating and visibility in search engine results (SEO) and the overall website growth strategy. In view of the above, we shall list some of the known uses or importance of Backlinks below:

  1. Backlinks helps to improve online visibility of Websites and page contents by Search Engines.
  2. It helps to places the authority of domain which in turns affects the ranking of Websites and Webpages.
  3. When a website or webpage have quality backlinks, it shows the websites or webpage has valuable contents.
  4. Backlinks makes interactions of websites and webpages possible. That is because when several websites are linked to each other, it boast crawling and interactions.
  5. Since most of your competitor’s backlinks are what helped them to rank well. Your job is to discover those links and replicate same for yourself.
  6. Lastly, backlinks are core aspect of SEO. Backlinks seats at the heart of Search Engine Optimization. You can’t do without it.

How to Find backlinks of any Webpage or Website

Briefly we shall be discussing a step to step guide of how to find the backlink of any website or webpage. Maybe you want to check the domain authority of a particular website or webpage. However, for the purpose of this article, we shall list some of the tools you can use to perform site audit on any website or webpage.

  1. The Ahref Backlink Checker/Site Explorer Tool: The Site Explorer will provide you with an in-depth insight into the organic search traffic and backlink profile of any website or URL you have entered. However, to use this service, you must first be subscribed to Ahref, else you cannot access the service. 
  2. SEMrush Backlink Analytics: SEMrush has 4 powerful tools for performing Website/Webpage Audit. It is arguably one of the largest and most updated backlink checker/auditor on the market. Another beautiful thing with SEMrush is that it allows users to preform free but limited audit. However, you will still not be able to make use of the whole tools available. Notwithstanding, it will go a long way in meeting your SEO need.
  3. Ubersuggest Backlink Discovery Tool: This tool does pretty the same thing like the above. Like the others, it is useful analyzing the backlinks behind your competitors’ rankings. It is a powerful tool and I use it daily. However, it is a paid service although with a free trail. You will definitely love to use the Ubersuggest Backlink Discovery Tool.

How do Tools like Ahrefs get Backlink Data?

The operation that may be running through your mind now is, how do they’re both identified backlink checker tools get their datas. Briefly in this article, we shall be answering the above question. However, for the purpose of this article, we shall concentrate on the Ahrefs Tool and examine how it gets her backlink datas.

It is already established that Ahref is one of the most advanced SEO tools, rank data analysis as well as digital marketing tool in the market online visibility and accessibility. It is also established that the tools and services offered by Ahref is of immense benefits to her over 10 million subscribers.

How it Works | How do tools like Ahrefs get backlink data?

Ahrefs has a crawler named AhrefsBot. This crawler is responsible for powering over 12 trillion link database for Ahrefs. The job of the AhrefsBot is to regularly crawls web and fill the Ahref database with new links. It also has the responsibility of inspecting previously found links so as to provide comprehensive and updated list of links to Ahrefs users.

How do Tools like Ahrefs get Backlink Data

Recently, and independent study “Good Bots”, rated AhrefsBot is the second most active crawler on the internet space. So after the Googlebot, AhrefsBot comes next in line. It will also interest you to know that the AhrefsBot ranks high and beat Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex crawler.

The AhrefsBot craws so fast that it crawl over 4.1 million pages in a single minute and it is designed to regularly update Ahrefs database every 15–30 minutes.

Basically, tools like Ahrefs get Backlink Data by crawling websites/webpages and save all outgoing links from every page. Like Di Ry, explained, repeat crawling on billions of pages and you’ve got a database. That’s exactly How tools like Ahrefs get Backlink Datas.

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Conclusion on the Article, How do Tools like Ahrefs get Backlink Data?

We began this article with the Promise to discuss what backlinks means and the uses of backlinks. We also agreed to teach you how to find the backlinks of any web page or website. Then we shall conclude with answering the question which was asked on Google question hub about How do Tools like Ahrefs get Backlink Data?.

It is our believe that will answer this question very well. This is because we’ve covered the terms listed in our subheadings in a very simple manner. We sincerely hope that this article was helpful to you. However, in case you have further questions or contributions to make kindly use the comments section below. We will greatly appreciate your feedback. Finally it is article has been helpful to you please like and share to any person whom this article will benefit. Thank you for reading this article!


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