Nursing Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

In this article, we’re looking at employment opportunities for nurses in the United States with visa sponsorship which you can apply for. In the US, there is an increasing shortage of nurses. If viewed from a bright point of view, this could be considered an extraordinary opportunity to apply for nursing jobs in the United States.


Here’s everything you need to know about the profession of nursing in the U.S, which requires a visa sponsorship application process and how to apply if you happen to be a qualified nurse from another country.

Basic Requirements of Registered Nurse Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

  • Valid RN license in the state of New Hampshire or the right to get a license.
  • Proven experience in healthcare situations as an RN.
  • Good clinical skills and knowledge of how to do nursing work
  • Kindness, understanding, and good speaking skills
  • Job Duties of a Registered Nurse
  • Helping doctors and hospital staff learn about each patient’s or resident’s unique needs so they can give person-centered care
  • Helping people do things like take a bath, take their medicine, eat, drink, change their clothes, etc.
  • Helping or letting the residents take care of their hygiene, self-care, and appearance in a way that respects their humanity.

I am putting together social and physical events for them and helping them take part.

Physical therapy or any short action that gets you moving, like walking. In the same way, any other social or leisure action, such as going to a park, visiting a close relative’s house in a wheelchair, etc., would be out of the question.

We are keeping in good touch with the families of the inmates.

Keeping an eye on health and safety standards at home.

all the jobs that the Nurses and the managers ask for.

Nursing Job Roles in USA that often come with a Visa Sponsorship

  • Registered Nurse – Pediatric Inpatient Experience: With a minimum of 2 years of Pediatric Ward experience in the USA.
  • Certified Diabetes Nurse Educator Experience: Certified or has a degree in Diabetes Nursing
  • Registered Nurse – Emergency Experience: With a minimum of 3 years of Emergency experience in USA.
  • Registered Nurse – PICU/NICU Experience: With a minimum of 4 years of PICU/NICU experience in USA.
  • Registered Nurse – Endoscopy & Theatre Experience: With a minimum of 3 years of Endoscopy/OT experience in the USA.
  • Registered Nurse – Home Care Experience: With a minimum experience of 3 years in a Home Care setting
  • Registered Nurse – Medical Surgical Ward Experience: With a minimum experience of 3 years in USA
  • Registered Nurse – OB Gyn Outpatient Experience: With minimum experience of 2 years in USA.

How to Apply for Visa Sponsorship

One of the most straightforward ways to get into the U.S. to work as a nurse is to apply for visa sponsorship. This grants you a long-term work visa, giving you the chance to become a nurse within the U.S.

Application for an employment visa can be submitted by nurses who wish to move to the United States. In the United States, nurses from Canada and Mexico with a T.N. visa are allowed to apply for work visas as long as they have been employed in their countries of origin where they hold a license to practice nursing.

A temporary H1B work visa is another option. For nurses with at least three to four years of nursing training in the specialization, this visa shall be granted. In this way, they can be admitted into the country to begin working as a nurse and then later. Request a Green Card or Permanent Residence.

Additionally, there are H-1C visas that are issued to nurses who want to move to America. The U.S. to work in under-served hospitals. This is the reason getting approval from an agency is recommended. They will take care of most of the work, making the entire process as easy as possible.

They’ll find a job for you and handle all the paperwork necessary to prepare you for the NCLEX test. In addition, as an advantage, you’ll be required to obtain an exam for the BSN degree. Many American firms today need their nurses to possess a BSN degree.

This should not be a problem because they can offer the possibility of up to 10 years of employment after you have been hired to earn the BSN degree.

Benefits Attached to Working as a Registered Nurse in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

  • Sponsoring a visa
  • Paid Holidays Every Year.
  • Paid sick time off.
  • The job market for nurses in the US is very big, so you’ll never run out of work. You can also move quickly to other states in the United States.
  • Comparable pay.
  • Free housing and other enviable perks are given to employees.
  • Full-time jobs pay between $30.27 and $43.81 an hour, which is a competitive range.
  • Health, dental, and retirement plans are all part of a full benefits package.
  • There are chances for professional improvement in a healthcare setting, which is helpful.
  • Learn about the United States’ ethnic diversity and progress.


America United States has always been seen as God’s own country the land filled with amazing opportunities although this is the case, We’ve compiled every information needed to get you started, Kindly do the needful by staying ready and focused. Follow the procedure above. carry out thorough research, and Ensure all the documents you use during the application process are valid and legitimate.


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