Bright local vs Semrush | All you need to know

In this article we shall be doing a brief comparative analysis of Bright Local vs SEMrush. This article will contain all you need to. We shall begin with an Introduction, Brief overview of the companies, Scope of business, Pricing and then Conclusion. We may also do comparison of scope to help you understand their scope of businesses better.


Basically, the scope of business will sufficiently capture the comparative analysis. So if you can’t read to the end, we advice you get straight to the Scope of business and conclude. However, we advice you take it step at a step to grab the full content of this article and make an informed decision.

Introduction – Bright local vs SEMrush

The internet has opened up many opportunities, this includes various startups offering different kinds of internet-based services as well as orthodox businesses working advantage of the power and advantage available through the internet.

Whatever be the case, the range of internet that are specific to any kind of business is out there. To do business in the internet space, one must strive to be visible and accessible to the large community of internet users. To achieve this, SEO (that is search engine optimisation) and digital marketing strategies must be implemented. This is no doubt the reason why many startups and companies have dominated the SEO and digital marketing space in order to provide services than meets the need of visibility and accessibility of businesses and brands, etc in the internet space.

It is important to note that BrightLocal and SEMrush are startups or rather businesses dedicated to offering tools and services that ensures businesses and brand attain their goals of visibility and accessibility in the internet space. Thus, in this article, we shall be exploring the above-mentioned two businesses, that is BrightLocal and SEMrush with a view so discovering they are strengths and weaknesses, scope of business and pricing.

Lastly, this is dedicated to helping you come to terms and decide which of the services is best fit for your business need and goal. If this introduction appears to be the reason why you are in this page, kindly hang on because at the end of this article you’ll be able to make an informed decision about the above businesses.

Brief Overview of BrightLocal and SEMrush

BrightLocal is a Software company located in in Kyiv, Ukraine, its’ business model or niche is dedicated to simplifying Local Marketing. With over 4.5/5% praise report of Google Review, it goes along way to boost confidence level on the service and tools offered by BrightLocal.

Currently, over 80,000 local marketers as at the time of writing this article uses BrightLocal tools and services to achiever desired results to their brands and clients.

SEMrush was founded in the year 2008 by Oleg Shchegolev in Boston, Massachusetts, United States as an SEO/Keyword research and online ranking data tool.
It is an online visibility management tool and content marketing platform with over 10 million SEO and Marketing Professionals using and enjoying her services.

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Scope of Business of BrightLocal and SEMrush

Let us quickly examine the scope of business of BrightLocal and SEMrush. So, kindly follow the subheads below to learns their various scope of business.

BrightLocal Scope of Business

BrightLocal is an all-in-one platform which helps users or local businesses to keep track local search rankings, inspect local SEO audits, build local business listings as well as manage their business online reputation. This is done by gathering, evaluating and responding to online reviews regrading their businesses.

Bright Local vs SEMrush

BrightLocal develops powerful software’s dedicated to helping businesses and brands succeed in their local marketing. The services

Now to understand the BrightLocal Scope of business, we must understand what is they offer. That is what services do they offer to their pool of clients. Basically, BrightLocal helps to list businesses and brands locally, to achieve online visibility. After helping brands and business achieve online presence, they thereafter offer Local Marketing/SEO tools and services that helps businesses  them manage and harness their Local Marketing for income conversation.

Conclusively, BrightLocal offers Local SEO Tools that helps brands and businesses Track and improve local SEO performance through various Grid systems, Rank Checkers and  Business Audit tools. They also helps manage your Business and brand reputation by generating and managing online reviews for business and brands.

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SEMrush’s Scope of Business

SEMrush is a buddy to publishers and Businesses. For Publishers, SEMrush offers tools and services that helps the websites and contents discoverable by their intended end users. To achieve this, SEMrush uses popular search engines tools like Google, Bing and Yahoo to offers datas that helps publishers drive traffic to their websites or contents.

Bright Local vs SEMrush

For Businesses/Companies, SEMrush helps companies or brands improve their online marketing and visibility efforts. It does this by offering a complete Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing Tools which offers datas and insights to aid marketing strategies.

What are the Core Business Area of SEMrush?

SEMrush is an all encompassing SEO and Marketing Tool. It’s core scope of businesses ranges from SEO, Content
Market Research, Advertising, Social Media Marketing & SERMS.

However, we shall briefly highlight some business tools offered by SEMrush below:

  1. Keyword Research Tool: SEMrush offers 6 powerful tools that helps publishers or businesses discover all the best keywords to target and drive traffic to their websites or contents.
  2. On-page SEO Tool: The SEMrush on-page SEO tool has 3 powerful tools that enables publishers, marketers or companies to audit their pages and get ideas to improve the general SEO performance of the page.
  3. Competitor Analysis: This includes 5 powerful tools that helps publishers, marketers or businesses carry out competitor analysis on their competitors. This helps to increase their website traffic and content performance. This is achieved with the combined effort of SEMrush 5 powerful competitors’ analysis tools that help improve performance.
  4. Content Marketing: With the 7 powerful tools offered by SEMrush, content marketing are such to develop a powerful content strategy with data-driven insights solutions. This tool is a must have for Content Marketers.
  5. Local SEO Tool: Of course SEMrush has powerful 4 powerful local SEO tools to help optimize website and contents for local searches, engagement and performance.
  6. Social Media Management: The truth is that Social Media has become a major factor in online visibility and marketing efforts. Hence taking advantage of it offers businesses and marketers far reaching benefits. To better exploit Social Media, SEMrush offers 2 powerful social media posting and analytics tool to help take advantage social media platforms.

Comparison Table of Scope of Business Between BrightLocal vs SEMrush

BrightLocal Business Scope SEMrush Business Scope
1. Offers SEO tools 1. Offers SEO tools
2. Do NOT Offers Content Management tools 2. YES, Offers Content Management tools
3. Provides Marketing Tool 3. Provides Marketing Tool & Market research tools
4. Offers Local Listing & Reputation Tools 4. Do Not Offer Local Listing & Reputation Tools
5. Do NOT offer Keyword Research Tool 5. YES, Offers Complete Keyword Research Tool
6. Do NOT offer Competitor analytic tools 6. YES, Offers Competitors analytic tool
7. Offers Lead Generation & Citation Trackers 7. Do NOT Offer Lead Generation & Citation Trackers
8. Do NOT cover even up to 20% of services offered by SEMrush 8. Covers virtually 75% of services offered by BrightLocal
This is a Comparison Table of Scope of Business Between Bright Local vs SEMrush

Pricing – Price Comparison

In this section of this article, we shall offer price comparison for Bright Local vs SEMrush. So, kindly follow the plan and pricing details in this article to learn more.

BrightLocal Pricing

BrightLocal allows intending users 14 days FREE TRIAL for all their tools. You do not require a credit card. However, you will need to purchase a plan after expiration of the 14 days trail time.

Bright Local plan and pricing page

To learn about the plans available at BrightLocal, kindly read the writing below:

  • Single Business: This plan is best for small businesses and agencies with about to 3 locations. The Cost of this plan is $29 per month. However, if you Go Annual, you get 2 months free!.
  • Multi Business: The cost of this plan $49/monthly. However, if you Go Annual, you get 2 months free. This is best for mid-sized businesses and growing agencies with up to 6 locations.
  • SEO Pro: The Cost of the SEO Pro is $79/monthly with 2 months free offer for ANNUAL SUBSCRIBERS. SEO Pro Plan is best for businesses and agencies with up to 100 locations.
  • Just Reviews Plan: If your seeking to manage reviews and access your online reputation, the JUST REVIEW PLAN is the best plan for you. The plan is billed $8/monthly per location. Lastly, The service and it’s tools helps business monitor, generate, and showcase reviews.

SEMrush Pricing

SEMrush offers free account with quite a handful of tools. However the maximum number of requests per day is limited to only 10. They argue that opting for the free account will be limiting your ability to take advantage of data and tools offered by SEMrush. I totally agree with this.

Semrush plan and pricing page

The Service plans offered by SEMrush are divided as follows:

  • Pro Plan: This plan is billed $119.95/monthly. This Plan is best for marketing newbies and small team of marketers.
  • Guru Plan: The Guru plan is billed $229.95/monthly. The Plan is best for SMEs, agencies and marketing consultants.
  • Business Plan: The Business Plan is billed $449.95/monthly. Finally, this is the right plan for large agencies and enterprises.

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Conclusion on the Bright local vs SEMrush Review

We started this article with the Promise to do a brief comparative analysis of Bright Local vs SEMrush. To achieve this we promised to offer brief overview of the two companies, investigate their scope of their business and discuss their plans and pricing. Thereafter we shall conclude this article.

Furthermore, it is our believe that we’ve achieved all the above-mentioned objective of this article. We sincerely hope that this Article has answered the above-mentioned objectives.

From the article, it is clear that SEMrush offers a wider tools and services compared to BrightLocal. However, BrightLocal offers specific tools and services which is dedicated to local marketing and listing and reputation management tools. They are both similar and distinct in a number of regards.

Finally, we would love to have your feedbacks concerning this article. Please feel free to share your views or contribution through the comment box below.

Thank you for reading this article. Hope to see you again


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