Jobs in Qatar that does not need a work permit

let’s take a look at Jobs in Qatar that does not need a work permit, we also included other necessary information that may be useful.


The State of Qatar is a Middle Eastern nation that is located on the Qatari Peninsula. It is one of the leading exporters of natural gas and oil in the globe. The revenue from the export of petroleum is the solid foundation of the country’s economy.

Because of the excellent standard of living in the country, the government extends invitations to foreigners to work in the economy. Usually, these individuals are residents of neighboring countries, although Qatar also hires a sizable number of foreign workers from considerably more distant countries.

How to find employment in Qatar

To legally work in Qatar, one needs a work visa. Without it, a foreign national is not allowed to work in the country and runs the risk of being deported and fined. The work visa is typically issued by the employer or by an employee who wants to enter the country through another individual.

In the first case, the business provides an already prepared work visa, but the employee is still required to find a job which makes it stressful. Below are ways you can find employment in Qatar:

  • Jobs in Qatari newspapers

Newspapers can be a good source if you are looking for work in Qatar. For instance, check out the classifieds in the Gulf Times and Qatar Tribune.

  • Recruitment agencies in Qatar

Using a recruiting agency could make it simpler for you to obtain a job in Qatar if you have a few years of work experience already. There are numerous throughout the nation, ranging in size from tiny regional businesses to big international companies.

  • Job fairs and networking in Qatar

Similar to other parts of the world, having strong connections makes it simpler to get employment in Qatar. Consequently, it is critical to establish a strong network. Attending job exhibitions and networking events across the nation is one way to achieve this. Keep an eye on their pages to discover one that works for you as these are hosted by numerous institutions and recruitment organizations in Qatar.

Jobs in Qatar that you can perform without a work permit

How to get your work visa legally for Qatar

The best way to obtain a work visa for Qatar is to hire an experienced lawyer. They will help compile the pile of documentation needed to enter the country lawfully and start a professional job. The documents include the following:

  • Filled-out Application: you can get this application form at the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar. If a foreign national applies for a job through an intermediary, employees of the company will provide it.
  • Genuine fully completed occupational documents for Qatar. A verified copy of the photocopy is also necessary.
  • Give a brief description of the position you are expected to hold and details about the wage and salary that go along with it.
  • Four photographs of the group of interest. These can be finished at the time of crossing the borders or when applying for a visa.
  • Foreign passport, which needs to be valid for at least six months after crossing the border. In addition, it needs to be provided whether you have a former passport.
  • Confirmation of financial stability. To do this, you must first create a sample from the bank where the account was opened. The minimum amount needed to cross the border should be $1500. When a foreigner crosses the border, immigration officers in Qatar can thoroughly examine their intentions. Document preparation must therefore be done entirely responsibly.

Workers laws and their rights in Qatar

Qatar has several employment laws that are intended to safeguard workers. These are things to be aware of before you start looking for work in Qatar. Here are some rights as an employee that you should know about:

  • An End of Service Benefit must be paid if an employee is let go before the end of their contract by the employer. This is only applicable, though, if the dismissal was made without cause.
  • Most employees are entitled to three or four weeks’ annual leave
  • Companies must provide private health insurance for foreign employees
  • Employees should not work more than six days a week or 10 hours a day. Additionally, you should receive overtime pay after eight hours
  • Employees are also entitled to up to two week’s sick leave at full pay

Other benefits of working as a foreigner in Qatar

  • Housing allowance
  • Company Car
  • Return flights to visit home
  • Education for children

Jobs in Qatar that does not need a work permit

  • Mathematics teacher
  • Immigration Coordinator
  • Early year’s foundation Teachers
  • Waitresses
  • Cashier/ Dispatcher
  • Civil Painters



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