Canada Visa Sponsorship and Scholarship Opportunities in 2024 – Apply Now

Canada Visa Sponsorship and Scholarship Opportunities – Canada is one of the leading countries when it comes to quality education, known for its top-notch education system, ensuring international students experience first-class knowledge, invaluable practical experience, and a promising education.


However, this comes at a price but in this post, we will be looking at how you can gain access to quality education at zero cost through Canada Visa Sponsorship and Scholarship Opportunities in 2024.

Canada Visa Sponsorship and Scholarship Opportunities in 2024

Here are things you should know to Get a Canadian visa sponsorship:

Who can Apply:

  • An international student (i.e. a non–Canadian requiring a study permit)
  • Currently in your final year of secondary school or have graduated no earlier than June 2023
  • Beginning your studies at the University of Toronto in September 2024 (students already attending post-secondary studies cannot be considered, students starting their studies in January 2024 at another post-secondary institution cannot be considered)

Various Types of Scholarship Programs/ Grants:

  • Government Scholarship
  • Non-Government Scholarship
  • University Scholarship

let’s delve into the list of Canada Scholarship Opportunities in 2024. we will be highlighting 3 main ones –  State, Non-state, and University.

Canadian government scholarships
  1. Scholarship Program named after. F. Banting (website These are government scholarships and grants that are offered to international students wishing to study graduate programs in the natural, social sciences, or health sciences.
  2. Canadian scholarships for master’s programs (website Scholarships for Canadian students studying master’s or doctoral programs at a Canadian university that allocate a certain quota to pay for their studies.
  3. IDRC Research Grants ( Government scholarships for students from developing countries to study master’s or doctoral programs at an accredited Canadian university.
  4. Vanier Grants for Graduate Programs ( Canadian government scholarships that are available to students planning to study doctoral programs in Canada.
Non-Government Scholarships to Study in Canada
  1. Scholarships from the Anna Valle Foundation (link). Scholarships for international students who are studying biomedicine, and in particular Animal research, in doctoral programs at an accredited Canadian university in Quebec or British Columbia.
  2. Trudeau Scholarships and Grants (link). The Trudeau Foundation offers several scholarships and grants for international students pursuing doctoral programs at selected Canadian universities.
Canadian University Scholarships
  1. University of Saskatchewan- Scholarships for exceptional academic merit are available to international students planning to study undergraduate programs at the University of Saskatchewan.
  2. University of Toronto – Scholarships for Canadian and international students to study at the University of Toronto in master’s/postgraduate programs.
  3. University of Waterloo – Various scholarships are offered to international students pursuing master’s or doctoral programs at the University of Waterloo.
  4. Simon Fraser University
  5. The University of Western Ontario
  6. International student program from the University of York. York University offers several scholarships for international students planning to study in Toronto.
  7. Carleton University.
  8. Concordia University – Various scholarships to study in Canada at Concordia University in Montreal are available to international students pursuing undergraduate programs.
  9. Dalhousie University – Scholarships for students and applicants to Dalhousie University in Halifax, which are valid for various programs of study – from undergraduate to graduate.
  10. Fairleigh Dickinson University – For students of all levels studying at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Vancouver.
  11. Graduate School of Commercial Studios Scholarships, HEC Montreal. Issued for certain academic achievements during the study.
  12. Humber College, Toronto.
  13. McGill University – A variety of grant programs, including the McGill Entrance Scholarship and the PBEEE Scholarship for International Excellence, is available to students in graduate and postgraduate programs.
  14. Queens University – A range of scholarships is available to international students to study at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Some grants are only available to students from India, Pakistan, and the USA.
  15. Quest University – Scholarships starting at $2,000 to study at Questa University in Canada are open to all international students.
  16. University of British Columbia – Leaders of Tomorrow program. Academic Excellence Scholarships for students at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, available to students who demonstrate leadership and exceptional academic achievement.
  17. Scholarships for master’s and graduate programs from the University of British Columbia.
  18. University of Alberta. Bachelor’s / Master’s programs.
  19. University of Calgary. Scholarships for international students range from $500 to $60,000.
  20. University of Manitoba.


Canada is home to world-renowned universities and a welcoming community that values diversity and inclusivity. International students can also take advantage of Canada’s strong job market, gain valuable work experience, and secure well-paying jobs after their studies.

The Canadian government has implemented various programs and policies to help international students transition from studies to work and build successful careers. Overall, studying in Canada can be an excellent investment in your future, and Fully-funded scholarships can help make it possible for aspiring students.


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