Is Puffin Browser the best browser for Google TV?


Is Puffin Browser the best browser for Google TV? Google Tv is designed to work on a browser. As an owner of Google Tv, you probably must have been wondering which browser is best to use with your Google Tv. There are several articles online listing and suggesting the best browsers to use with your Google Tv. Most of these article has always mentioned Puffin Browser as one of the best. In this article, we are insisting that the Puffin browser is the best browser for Google Tv.


To achieve our aims in this article, we shall give you reasons why we believe that the Puffin is best used with Google Tv. So, if you are looking to choose from the list of Google Tv supported browsers, kindly follow this article.

What is Google Tv?

Think of Google TV as a video streaming service that functions across various Android interfaces. Some of these devices include Google Chromecast and Sony Android TVs. There is a couple of other devices, but the two mentioned here are the newest.

Google TV functions effectively by combining various screen contents available on different interesting streaming channels into one searchable interface. What this means is that you can access all your video content available in different streaming channels on one interface called Google TV. Lastly, another interesting feature of Google TV is that it is built with a powerful artificial intelligence designed to recommend videos based on your history and searches.

What is Puffin Browser?

Puffin Browser is a classy and paid remote browser developed by CloudMosa and released in the year 2010. A friend once referred to Puffin as the big boy’s browser. Hilarious right? I know! Lolz

Is Puffin Browser the best browser for Google TV

Puffin is a free-to-download browser that requires a paid subscription to get the best out of it. Although some of the famous browsers currently are Google Chrome, Safari for iOS, and a couple of others. However, they are famous largely because they are continually free for users.

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What are the Features of the Puffin Browser?

There are quite a lot of features as highlighted by the App developers, however, we shall focus on the ones relevant to our discussion. The two that we shall be discussing today are:

  1. Speed
  2. Android TV Optimization

Speed features of Puffin Browser

It is important to note that the Puffin browser is primarily designed for speed. It achieves this by leveraging its cloud servers to load resource-demanding webpages super-fast on your phones or tablets. This is one of the known secrets behind the fastness and speed offered by the Puffin browser to her large pool of users.

Android TV Optimization features of Puffin Browser

The developers of Puffin Browser claim that Puffin is specifically designed for speed and optimized for Android TV devices. This has led to various forms of investigations into their claim. Glad to inform you that a whole lot of positive feedback suggests that the Puffin browser is one of the most advance and optimized browsers for Google TV.

However, our focus is not on whether it is one of the best browsers for Google TV or not. We are rooting that the Puffin browser is the best Browser for Google TV.

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Why Puffin Browser is the Best for Google TV?

Picture of a Man asking question

You may have also come across questions like, Is Puffin Browser the best browser for Google TV? or Is the puffin browser safe? Frankly speaking, the Puffin browser is not the most secure browser out there nor is it the fastest browser for Android. However, we agree that it is among the list of secured and fastest browsers but certainly not the best of all.

The only thing that has become a consensus is the fact that Puffin Browser is the Best for Google TV. Furthermore, the next big question is; Why is Puffin the Best for Google TV?

We shall be given you two reasons why and how  Puffin Browser is the Best Browser for Google-TV. Below are the reasons:

 1. Seamless integration with the  Android TV Remote

As you already know, Google TV is designed to work on the Andriod interface and browsers. However, virtually all the popular browsers including Chrome, wouldn’t work with the Android TV Remote. To solve this you will need a game controller or a smartphone to operate your Google TV from a distance. All the stress because your browser doesn’t work with Andriod Remote?

However, with the Puffin browser, this is not a single problem. Although Puffin is not the only brows4er that works well with your TV remote, but it is sure the best. This is because it was specifically built and designed for that purpose.

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2. Fastest Browser for the Andriod TV

At the beginning of this article, we noted earlier that the Puffin browser is primarily designed for speed and optimized for the Andriod TV. A whole lot of integrations and tests went in to optimize the browser for speed and Android TV readiness. Although we argued earlier that Puffin Browser isn’t the fastest browser, but when it has to do with using the Puffin browser for Andriod TV, the story is different. The speed is 3X. This is because it was developed with Andriod TV in mind.


This article began with the question; Is Puffin Browser the best browser for Google TV? We tried our best to lay out headings and contents that investigate the questions. We offered our views that Puffin is the Best Browser for Google TV. This is because Google TV is designed to work on Andriod Devices and Puffin is designed and optimized for Andriod TV.

The implication is that Google TV will be rendered very well on Puffin Browser than any other browser that is not built and optimized for the Andriod TV. At the moment, the Puffin remains standing and the Best Browser for Google TV.

Thank you so much for reading this article today. We hope that it convinced you to choose Puffin for your Android TV devices.

Finally, for questions and contributions, kindly use the comment box below and let us know.


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