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Video streaming services are multiplying while offering unique services to increase subscriber counts. Not quite long, Google launched its own streaming service called the Google TV and added to the list of ever-multiplying streaming services like NetflixHulu, and Amazon Prime Video. The Bet Cable Network has since joined the list of video streaming services called Bet Plus. This article aims to guide you on how to add Bet Plus to Smart TV.


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What you need to know about Bet Plus

Bet Plus is a premium video streaming service launched by Bet Cable Network in 2019. Aside from being a streaming service, Bet Plus is niched to showing you your favorite Black video content. The service is dedicated to showing you the best Black creators on the channels.

Lastly, Bet Plus online streaming service offers her viewers over 2,000 hours of streaming Black culture, anytime, anywhere. Kindly follow this link below to start your free trial.

Can I access Bet Plus on Smart TV?

Bet Plus premium streaming services is built and designed to function on Smart TV. This means that you can access your favorite Black video content on your Smart TVs.


So, the answer is a big “YES”. You can access add/connect Bet Plus on Smart TV. In the next phase of this article, we will show you how to add Bet plus to Smart TV.

How to add Bet Plus to Smart TV

If you have your Bet plus and your Smart TV, it is time to learn how to connect them together and start streaming your favorite black video content and creator.

As you already know, there is quite a large number of Smart TVs out there. So, for the purpose of this article, we shall teach you how to add bet plus on Samsung Smart Tv. This is because the process is quite similar to other smart TVs out there. Let us quickly get started.

Step1: Quickly put on your Samsung Smart TV. Then press the Smart Hub button or Home button on your supplied remote as shown in the image below:

Step2: Navigate to the Apps section of your Samsung Smart TV. Then click on the Search icon as shown in the image below.

How to add BET plus to Smart TV

Step3: A search dial box will open for you to enter the name of the App you want to search for. Kindly enter Bet Plus in the search box and click on the Done option to continue.

How to add BET plus to Smart TV

Step4: The next is to begin downloading the BET Plus App. To do this, kindly click on the Download button to begin your download.

Step5: Finally, once the download is complete, kindly open the BET Plus App and start to watch your favorite black content.

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