Hallcon driver review – Is working at Hallcon as a driver worth it?

Are you looking forward to working with Hallcon Corporation? What are the drivers and other employees of Hallcon corporation saying about the company? Is working at Hallcon as a driver worth it? This page will share the Hallcon driver review of some drivers who have had the opportunity to work at Hallcon.


First, let’s give a brief introduction to Hallcon Corporation.

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An Overview of Hallcon Corporation

Hallcon is a turnkey transportation services partner that has redefined the rider experience to achieve growth for businesses, universities, airports, railroads, and transit agencies all over North America. Hallcon’s clients include airports, railroads, and transit agencies.

The Hallcon Corporation is recognized as a market leader in the provision of transportation and maintenance services to the public and private transit industries.

History of Hallcon Corporation

In 1946, Hallcon was awarded its first contract by one of the most prestigious railroad companies in the country. From these humble beginnings, Hallcon has grown into a market-leading provider of workforce transportation services that are distinguished by their high level of adaptability, high quality, and competitive pricing. The workers at Hallcon have made a continuous commitment to providing transportation services that go above and beyond the requirements of their customers, which has led to the company’s growth and diversification over the past seven decades. This has been the primary factor in Hallcon’s success.

One of the things Hallcon Corporation believes is that nothing is more important than the safe transportation of their customers, and the company’s success is based on the commitment of every employee to safety and quality in all aspects of the company’s operations. The journey has been quite an adventure, and along the way, Hallcon has introduced consistent and creative innovations to assist clients in remaining one step ahead of the competition.

Despite the above description and history, Hallcon Corporation still has some setbacks which will be revealed in the course of this article (as shared by employees in the Corporation)

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Hallcon Corporation Driver Review

All reviews are according to Indeed.

Company Pros Cons
Hallcon Corporation Good Atmosphere Insufficient Pay
They supply the transportation and gas Pay is always delayed
rail road industry experience everything else sucks
Nice calm job

Now, let us go fully into what the workers have to say:

1. Pay is always delayed

Driver (Former Employee) – Toronto, Canada – March 21, 2022
The pay is always delayed. It’s like the management is trying its best to make it as difficult as possible for the drivers to get their pay. This is on top of the fact that the pay is low, to begin with. The compensations provided by the company are way too low compared to the long work hours and extra efforts that drivers are expected to give.

2. a Worse place to work

Driver (Former Employee) – Beaumont, TX – May 17, 2022
They will tell you that you have 6 hours guarantee but that’s not true. If they call you 1 minute before your 6 hours are up you don’t get paid for the 6 hours you just waited to work. Also, you are not guaranteed 60 hours a week like drivers are promised. 12 an hour is not worth the stress you have to go through on this job, oh and if you have to work the yard you only make 10.80 an hour, not 12. There are better jobs than this one out there.

 3. Don’t fall for it

Driver (Current Employee) – Houston, TX – May 17, 2022

The pay is not weekly as advertised it’s biweekly every other Thursday.. you are only paid if u have a trip to pick up a rail crew.. u are paid for the time you are on the trip only. They want u to come in for 12-hour shifts but the majority of the time u are sitting in the van unpaid until you called. There are no off days for the first 90 days.. the pay per hour is low. This is a good 2nd job, not a primary.

4. Love the atmosphere (Indeed Featured review)

The most useful review selected by Indeed

Driver (Current Employee) – Meridian, MS – May 14, 2022
Love working with the crews and the job is easy enough but the pay sucks in today’s world you can hardly live on their pay. I would love to work in my home location but it pays even less than being over the road.

Hallcon driver review – Is working at Hallcon as a driver worth it?

From every indication (as indicated by the present and former workers above), Hallcon has so many aspects of their business to improve which include:

  • The pay: Workers’ pay should be increased reasonably and made proportionate to the stress.
  • The work hours: The work hours should be respected. 60 hours a week as advertised by the corporation should be adhered to.

Indeed, we believe that if the above recommendations are adhered to, things will get better. We also believe that if Hallcon should monitor driver reviews, it will help me stay afloat and become a major competitor. However, it appears that Hallcon doesn’t pay more attention to their online reviews. This is bad for their business reputation.

Finally, thank you for reading this article today on Hallcon driver review. We hope you have been able to decide if working at Hallcon as a driver is worth it?

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