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A lot of people have had that unfortunate moment when they lose the files on their computer. For that reason, we’ve researched how to restore that data. If you are one of those who have lost their information in their hard drive, then read our guide on how to solve this with Hard Drive Data Recovery Services.


In the event that your hard drive or any secondary storage device is corrupted, damaged or malfunctioning, it can truly be a nightmare. That is because, it is diifcult for people unfamiliar with tech to handle this. In addition, your important files are left inaccessible. However, hard drive data recovery services exist to solve this problem.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

A hard drive data recovery service is a firm that specializes in recovering lost data from damaged, corrupted or malfunctioning hard drives. Additionally, some hard drive data recovery services may offer recovery software that a customer may use remotely. But generally, their main task is physically repairing and salvaging data in a spoilt hard drive.

The following are some of what they may offer:

  • Data Recovery Software: This are computer programs that when run will enable the user to recover the data from the bad hard drive. In adddition, some versions of this software can be used remotedly by the user.
  • In-laboratory Recovery: In this case, hard drive data recovery services receive the corrupted or damaged hard drive. After which, they perform extensive analysis on the device and work on recovering the data.
  • RAID Server Recovery: RAID stands for Radundant Array of Independent Disks. It used for creating storage systems that are relaible and of low cost. However, these systems fail just like hard drives. In that case, hard drive data recovery services use their expertise to recover the lost data from the storage system.

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Hard Drive Failure Causes

The first thing to remember when trying to fix any system is to try to diagnose its problem. Hard drive data recovery services have followed this principle and have discovered the following as the leading causes of hard drive failure.

To list, they are:

  • Physical damage: When a computing device or a storage device suffers a large physical impact, this can cause the storage device to stop working. As such, a hard drive that is physically damaged can become unreadable and you will be unable to access thid information.On that note, it is important you handle your computer hardware with care
  • Hardware failure: In due time, most hardware experience deprecation in their performance and quality because use wears them down over time. So that if you have an old hard drive, it may eventually failure. However, before that happens it may give warnings like odd noises. It is importan t you heed these warnings and backup the data on the file. You may also consider replacing it with a new hard drive or SSD.
  • Corrupt firmware: Firmware is software that is pre-installed and managed by the manufacturer of a device. Furthermore these software receive updates some of which may be harmful to the computer system components like the hard drive.
  • Power surges
  • Enviromental issues

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Good Hard Drive Data Recovery Services Qualities

  • You should check to see that the service has certified cleanrooms in which they can perform repairs on the hard drive
  • Secondly, the best firms will return your damaged drive at no charge if they cannot finish recovering the data.
  • Above all, the firm should have a high recovery rate.

Best Hard Drive Data Recovery Services


Since over 15 years ago, SalvageData has been providing quality hard drive data recovery. If they manage to recover the data, they return it to users in a new storage device or by cloud uploads. On the other hand, if recovery is not possible, they either securely destroy the device or return it depending on the client’s preference.

Ace Data Recovery

This is another top hard drive data recovery service. In addition to hard drives, they also recover data from SSDs. Significantly, they offer free estimates and do not charge for failed recoveries.

Secure Data Delivery

This firm has a team of professionals that will give your hard drive the utmost attention to try to recover the data. If they cannot recover the data, they will return the hard drive and will charge you nothing.


This firm, established in 1985, with several offices globally has a great reputation for retrieving data. It also offers software for home data recovery


This nearly 20 years old service is discreet and respects the privacy of your data. It also offers free shipping for your storage device to the Gillware’s recovery lab.

Now, you know which are the best hard drive data recovery services. It is equally important that it is best you choose the most reputable or effective hard drive data recovery services not the cheap ones. That is because you may have only one chance to recover the data and it is important you make the best use of the opportunity.


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