American Immigrant Visa Sponsorship Award – Study, Work and Live Abroad

The American Immigrant Visa Sponsorship Guideline in this article is complete procedures or steps you need to follow to assist you to gain official sponsorship approval on the go from the U.S.A in other to work, study or live abroad.


Also, this is an interactive guideline write-up, so make a point of duty to ask questions when necessary for more clarification and look forward to becoming an American citizen.

Overview of American Immigrant Visa Sponsorship 

As many people view it, America Visa Sponsorship Program for Immigrants is an annual award that the United States of America Visa agency (Diversity Immigrant Visa) gives a prize.

The awards are for citizens Citizen of underdeveloped and developing countries across the world to have the opportunity to live, work or study abroad.

All these and more are what we will discuss in this write-up guide, so pay attention and carefully read through them so that you can equally discover quality results on how you get the American Visa lottery Application form.

Meanwhile, we provide this guide for free for everybody especially those that desire to travel and study, work or live in the United State. This means that they are a lot you will learn on this page to help you proceed with your registrations.

American Immigrant Visa Sponsorship Form and How to Apply

To discover the quality and best guide necessary for you to live, work and study abroad you will have to go through this text as everything you need to know has been made available for you.

Just as mentioned earlier, this is a powerful topic and this write-up guide is an interactive article, so you are free to ask your questions using the contact form or comment box.

All you have to do is to make use of our email for more guides and to help you make some corrections where necessary. Remember, all these are free with the help of the Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV) Program Agency and our goal is for you to travel abroad and live a better life.

However, we want you to bear in mind that we are only here to assist you and we aren’t in affiliate with any of these Visa agencies but with this write-up guideline, you will make it to the merit of winners.

Also, you can get to know more about the available Job Sponsorship & Scholarship programs which will serve as a guide and easy to apply from the list of 2022 & 2023 Scholarships.

You can get to the merit list, all need to do is carefully read the instructions and follow the guidelines step by step.

List of Scholarships 

  • The US Embassy Scholarships
  • Humphrey Fellowship Program
  • Brunei Government Scholarship
  • Fulbright Foreign Scholarship
  • University of Oregon Scholarship
  • Chinese CSC Scholarship
  • Scholarships in Canada
  • American College of Surgeons International Guest Scholarship
  • Romanian Government Scholarship
  • Harvard University MBA Scholarship for International Students
  • Turkey Government Scholarship
  • MMMF Grants for Women of Developing Countries
  • New Zealand Government Scholarship
  • Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Program
  • Scholarship in the United States

Meanwhile, you can still get a list of instructions that you are to follow if you desire to gain approval on any form of scholarship application whether you are a student or not.

Also, you can gain approval on any scholarship program you apply to if you carefully go through the instructions that we have prepared for your American Immigrant Visa Sponsorship.

To proceed with the basics of gaining a full scholarship, you must understand how the sponsors make it available for you to apply, having that in mind will help you gain approval.

Steps to start a Visa lottery Award

Do you desire to sponsor people/students? If yes, then we commend you for that because that’s one of the best steps to unleash the best and potential of some students around the world.

Some of them come from poor family backgrounds and are not financially stable to study what they want at various universities in the world.

Below are nine (9) important steps that will help as you proceed with your goal of starting a Sponsorship (Visa & Scholarship) fund.

  • Set the budget
  • Find the funding
  • Determine who you wish to provide aid, to and how you want to choose the winners
  • Do the paperwork
  • Set the deadline
  • Decide how to promote your visa
  • Select the winners
  • Finally, award the Visa
How to Get a 100% Visa Sponsorship 

From today, follow the steps discussed below:

Prepare in advance: you have to get yourself prepared first, by making sure that all the necessary documents that will be needed are available.

Source of Information: your source of information and application is very important. Most people end up submitting or making applications from the wrong source. For this, a direct sponsorship page has been made available for you to proceed with your application.

Work hard and be Confident: keep track of your application for advance clarification and to enable you to gain easy approval on merit.

Make yourself Unique from other Applicants: don’t join others in doing what they are doing, stand out from them, and make yourself unique and different. You can as well ask proper questions before you can submit your form.

Carefully go through the Application Instructions: you need to thoroughly read the instructions given step by step to help you have the whole idea of the application and how you can apply.

Submit an Exceptional Scholarship essay or cover letter: this will play a practical role in helping you gain the award on merit.

Be realistic this is a vital step, make sure the details you provide are all correct, for this will help you claim your reward easily.

Benefits of American Green Card 

They are lots of benefits for those that will win 2022 to 2023 American Visa Lottery Applicants. A few are listed below:

  • You can live in the US (Free Citizenship)
  • You can study with grants & sponsorship
  • The US green card can guarantee your workspace abroad.
Advantages of a Green Card

The US Green Card is highly demanded after immigration visas worldwide. They are a lot of benefits to this Permanent Resident Card can for those that can obtain it. The advantages include:

  • Unlimited entry to the USA
  • Live without restrictions in any US state
  • Holding the previous citizenship
  • After three (3) or five (5) years you can apply for US citizenship.
  • As a student, it can help reduce your tuition fee by up 80%
  • As a self-employed, you can easily register for your business without stress
  • If you are an employer, you don’t need a work visa, you have free choice of employer and many of them.
Frequently Asked Questions on American Immigration Visa Sponsorship
Who can be sponsored for US immigration?

For you to qualify for an IV, you must be sponsored by your immediate relative who must be at least 21 years of age and must be either a US citizen or a green card holder.

How can I get a sponsorship US visa?

For you to get a US sponsorship visa you will have to look for a Jon in the H1B Visa Sponsors Database or find an internship.

Can a friend sponsor me to the USA?

It’s quite unfortunate even your friend cannot sponsor you to the US if the person is not a US citizen or a green-card holder. This is because US immigration laws do not allow your friend to sponsor someone just because they are your friend.


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