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This article is dedicated to explaining Amazon prime shopping benefits and Exclusive Prime Deals for Member. We shall first of all discuss all you need to know about Amazon Prime, the benefits attached to it as well as the requirement to participate in Amazon Prime. Thereafter, we shall discuss in details what Amazon prime shopping is and how you can take advantage of it. We will conclude by helping you decide if Amazon Prime is worth your fortune.


This article is going to be as brief as possible yet very rich to help you make an informed decision. Let’s get started.


Like toms guide would say, Amazon Prime is more than just 2-day shipping. It combines numerous features that are juicy. In this phase, we shall explore in details what Amazon Prime really is.

Amazon Prime is brain child of, Inc. created to serve as a community for her customer base. According to Albane Flamant, Amazon prime is one amongst other Amazon’s marketing strategy which offers variety of perks to her subscribed members.

Whatever meaning anybody gives to it, it must be understood that Amazon Prime is a subscription service offered by Amazon to her customers in exchange for certain yearly benefits. Currently, Amazon primes boast of over 200 million paid Prime members worldwide.

Finally, if you have ever asked for the meaning of Amazon Prime, we bet you got your comprehensive answer right here.


Like we noted earlier, to become a Amazon Prime member, there are subscription fees attached. This membership fee entitles you to certain benefits and perks we shall be discussing now.

  1. FREE DELIVERY: Amazon prime members enjoys free delivery on their shopping anywhere and at anytime provided your subscription is still active.
  2. FASTER SHIPPING EXPERIENCE: Generally, shipping across the globe involves a lot of time because of logistics which results in delayed shipping. However, as an Amazon Prime members you are not caught in the web of delayed shipping. This is because your Orders are delivered to you 2 days or less. This is really fast and one of the many reasons the program keeps getting new customers.
  3. DISCOUNT OFFERS ON ONLINE AND PHYSICAL GROCERY STORES: Another side attractions is that frequent discount prime member get both on physical Amazon Stores and at their Online Stores. It doesn’t matter where you buy, you enjoy the same discount.
  4. FREE & UNLIMITED ACCESS TO AMAZON PRIME VIDEOS: Yeah! Just similar to Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos has large collection of videos although lesser compared to Netflix. However, they have one of the best collections of interesting movies and series.


Nah Nah…. The List is too many to. The list of benefit also includes:

  1. FREE & UNLIMITED ACCESS TO AMAZON PRIME MUSIC:  Members of the Amazon Prime enjoys unlimited access to stream on-the-go or in the comfort of your living room over 75 million songs, ad-free with over 10 million podcast collections. Without internet connection, you can download and listen to prime songs right inside your Prime Music app.
  2. FREE ACESS TO UNLIMITED STORAGE ON PRIME PHOTOS: This is yet another beautiful benefit. Prime Photos allows member to store over 10k images. The service also provides ability to create folders and arranges photos properly. (Yes! it’s more like the famous DropBox) Lolz.
  3. FREE ACCESS TO AMAZON PRIME READING: The Amazon Prime Reading works like a private library that lets Prime members read free. It contains collections of over 2,500 books and magazines. This just one of the Prime benefits and variety perks.
  4. AMAZONE PRIME GAMES: The Amazon Prime Gaming benefits offers Free games and exclusive in-game content to subscribed members. This service also comes with a free Twitch channel subscription every month.
  5. PRIME TRY BEOFRE YOU BUY: Have you hard of the popular Nigerian phrase ‘What I ordered verses what I received?’ It’s an expression that means what you received was different from what you ordered. Smiles. The beautiful thing is that with Prime Try Before You Buy, you have the right to try on fashion items before actually buying them. This means you only pay for what you have tried and wants to keep.

The benefits are are quite numerous. It is believed that aside Free and Fast Shipping all other benefits claims significant market share from companies such as Netflix, Hulu or Spotify.

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From our explanations it’s obvious that the benefits of Amazon Prime juicy and mouth watery. So you probably would be asking, how would I become a member of Amazon prime and join over 200 million paid Prime members worldwide.

To join the Amazon prime program that offers Free delivery, award-winning TV, exclusive deals, and lot more, below are the the requirements.

Amazon prime shopping

The subscription in billed monthly and annually. So, depending on you need, you may decide on who one to opt for.

  1. To become a monthly subscriber, you Only pay $14.99 per month after trial
  2. To become a yearly subscriber, you only pay $139 per year after trial

There is also a discounts up to 50% off available for College Students and Qualified Government Assistance. Below are their monthly and annually.

  1. College Students are entitled to Start your 6-month trial. Thereafter they enjoy Prime benefits for just $7.49/month and can cancel at anytime. Click here to learn more about students benefit, terms and conditions.
    • Amazon prime shopping
  2. For EBT and select government assistance recipients, Amazon Prime offers days free trial plus right to cancel at anytime for just $6.99/month after trail. Click here to learn more about EBT and select government assistance recipients benefits and conditions 
    • Amazon prime shopping


In this segment of this article we shall discuss the about Amazon prime shopping benefits and enticing experiences.

Basically, Amazon Prime Shopping are shopping experience offered to Prime users only. It is part of the numerous benefits other by subscribed customers. However, it is important to discuss this topic separately because of the shopping experience in the benefits.

What are the Exclusive Prime Shopping Benefits?

Below are the exclusive Shopping benefits of prime members

  1. Enjoy Prime Member Shopping Deals at Whole Foods Market: This offers an exclusive discounts selected items for Prime members in-store and online.
  2. Prime Day Benefits: Prime day exclusive shopping offer another kindred discounts, savings and deals across every category. Members also enjoy deals on daily basics across thousands of items available exclusively to Prime members.
  3. Save on Pharmaceutical Prescriptions: The Amazon primes offers incredible discount and deals of up to 80% on prescriptions and pharmaceutical at over 60,000 pharmacies, including Amazon Pharmacy. This is just too much.
  4.  Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card: With the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card, you qualify to Earn 5% back at and Whole Foods Market. You also earn a minimum of 1% back on all other purchases. That’s not all, you also entitled to earn10% back or more on some limited products.
  5. Financing Offers Deals. Throughout the year, Prime users enjoys shopping benefits of earning 5-15% back on select rotating items.
  6. Prime Lightening Deals:. This is referred to as Early Access deal where prime members enjoys 30-minute early access to Lightning Deals on
  7. Lastly, is the the Prime-Exclusive Woot Shipping Benefits. This benefits grants to members the right to get free standard shipping on all Woot items. This also includes free and fast-express shipping on all Woot purchases.


For me as a person, Amazon Prime is a go get if you constantly but things only. Burt if you occasionally by things online, I will recommend you hold on before become an Amazon prime member. Like you already know, Amazon Prime is a marketing strategy with mutual benefits. That’s because an Amazon Prime user spends on average, the sum of $1300 a year on Amazon. This is considered two times the actual spending amount of regular customers.

It is my view that you can only maximize all the Amazon prime shopping benefits and varieties of financial perks if you shop online regularly. If the case is different, you may not maximize your resources and it’s benefits.


We tried as much as possible not to make this article very lengthy. However, we have also provided all you need to know about the Amazon prime shopping benefits | Prime shopping experience. We also delved into the various subscription plans. We sincerely believe this article may have helped your search need.

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