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The 2024 U.S Diversity Visa Lottery Program is here. The portal will be re-opened in October this year 2022 for the year 2024. Are you ready to apply. Learn how to apply and Win the US Lottery Visa and relocate to the United States to live and work. This is a huge opportunity coming to you for free.



Are you thinking of living and working in the United States? This is possible through the U.S Diversity Visa Lottery Program. It is one of the most effective ways to get into the US and become a permanent resident. The good thing is that it is free and very easy to apply. Although the selection is quite competitive, but with little guidance, you will stand the chance to win. 

The GREEN CARD LOTTERY USA is issued to randomly selected applicant and their immediate member families to relocate and work in the United States.

Today is this article, we shall guide you through all the steps required to WIN THE AMERICAN VISA LOTTERY. You will learn how to get ready to Apply for the 2024 U.S Diversity Visa Lottery Program. You will also learn some of the common mistakes to avoid. In the end, you will also learn how to make your Application.

Before we go further, let us quickly clear the air on the confusion that usually comes up between the Diversity Visa Lottery, Green Card Lottery, or the US VISA Lottery. All these terms mean one and the same. So don’t get confused. When you hear Diversity Visa or Green Card Lottery, it means the same as the US Visa Lottery. This is to keep things straight as we progress.

Finally, the Application for the 2023 Diversity Visa Lottery ended on November 9, 2021. However, the 2024 Application will be opened in October 2022. So it is recommended you get the required information and prepared yourself to win the American U.S Diversity Lottery Visa come 2024.

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What is the American Visa Lottery?

America still remains one of the most liberal states in the world. They encourage scores of immigrants to come live and work in the United State through a program known as the Diversity Visa Lottery Program.

Every year, the American department in charge of the Diversity Visa Lottery Program allows 50,000 randomly selected persons from qualified countries to get US permanent residency. This is otherwise called the Green Card.

The qualified countries are countries that do not have many of their nationals in the United States as immigrants. In case you wondering whether your country is qualified, do not worry, we shall give you an updated list of qualified countries here in this article.

Furthermore, one of the major purposes of the US VISA is to help families or people who have no legal means of migrating to the US have a chance at living and working in the United States.

To learn who is eligible and how to apply and WIN THE AMERICAN VISA LOTTERY, kindly follow the guides below.

How Much does it Cost to Apply for the America US Lottery Visa

The US Immigration department officially acknowledged that the US lottery Visa is very much easier to apply for and be obtained than going through the Regular Visa.

Also, the beautiful thing about the US Lottery Visa program is that THERE IS NO APPLICATION FEE required to participate. However, if you become successful in the first stage and get selected,  you will be required to pay the mandatory green card application fees. The US department will send you information regarding the required fees once you are selected.

Lastly, so you see that there is no harm in trying the American Lottery Visa. This is because you only get to pay the green card fee once you have been selected. To learn more, kindly the Diversity Visa website at

What are Eligibility Criteria for the US Visa Lottery

The requirements to participate in the US Visa Lottery Program are quite easy and straightforward. We are going to list them here and discuss them briefly.

1. Country of Birth

A major requirement to be eligible is that your country of origin MUST not have sent above 50,000 immigrants to the United States in the last 5 years. So if your country has sent above Fifty Thousand Immigrants to the US in the last five years, then you are not eligible to apply for the US Visa Lottery.

For more information on Eligible and non-eligible countries, kindly check the list of all eligible countries as provided by the State Department.

However, if your country is not found in the list of eligible countries, do not worry, we shall provide you with an alternative Application/Eligibility route in this article.

2. Education

An applicant for the US Lottery Visa must meet a certain level of education/work experience requirement before applying. Below are the education/work experience requirement.

  • Must have a minimum of High school education or its equivalent
  • Must possess two years of work experience within the last five years in an occupation that requires at least two years of training or experience to perform. To learn more about this, kindly visit the  U.S. Department of Labor online database.

What are the Benefits of the U.S Lottery Visa Program?

If you are a winner of the DIVERSITY U.S VISA LOTTERY PROGRAM, you will enjoy lots of benefits. Below are some of the benefits.

  1. Automatic Recipient of the US Green Card and become a Permanent Resident.
  2. You are qualified to live and work in the United States as a Free Citizenship.
  3. You become eligible to Study in America under Grants and Sponsorship.
  4. Unlimited entry to the USA without the US Visa Visa requirement.
  5. You become qualified to stay in the US without any restrictions.
  6. You can apply to become a US Citizen after three or five years.

These are just but a few of the benefits of the US Diversity Visa Lottery Program.

How to Get Ready for the DV 2024 US VISA LOTTERY and WIN

In this section, we shall explain the things to do to get ready for the Application and qualify for a chance to win and become a US permanent resident.

You will learn how you can increase your chances to be selected for DV Visa Lottery 2024.


Always make sure that the Passport you are using to apply is still valid and recent when you are registering. If your passport is expired or not valid, make sure you renew and get ready before the Application process.


If you are applying with your Spouse and children, we recommend that you register for them individually especially if your children are under 21. The advantage is that if they are selected then they will be able to bring you.


It is very that you inspect the list and ascertain that your country is qualified to apply before making an application. However, if you check and your country is not eligible you maybe be eligible to register through other means we shall discuss later in this article.


The truth is that you will never ever increase your chances to be selected by paying someone. The Diversity U.S Visa Lottery is totally free, so you don’t need to pay anybody. In fact, if you find a website that is asking you to pay, you know it’s fraud or a scam don’t ever submit the entry with any payment this is a free website you don’t have to pay.


It’s really important to submit the correct information and to submit the information on time. However, I will definitely let you know when the registration period will open up. It will be the first week of October most likely and will be concluded in the first week of November.

Also,  make sure you are submitting all the relevant necessary information. DO NOT LIE  about the information submitted.  Lastly, before submitting your information, double-check and read it again to make sure there are no typos no errors.

My Recommendation

In conclusion, I strongly recommend that each family member should submit their own application individually. So if you have a spouse ask your spouse to apply independently. It is free, so there is no reason why you should withhold them from applying.  This way, you are actually increasing your chances to be selected.

How to Participate in the US Lottery Visa Program?

There are instructions provided each year by the State Department on How to Apply. The good thing is that those instructions don’t change. Most of the time, they are always the same.

However, when the 2021 Instruction came out, they only introduced the passport requirement. This was a big change but in most cases apart from the application dates, all other instructions are always the same.

Participating in the US Visa lottery is an easy process. All you need is to fill out the Lottery Visa form which is displayed on the State Department’s website. However, you must ensure to fill it out at the right time. The right time is usually every October to November. Note that this may change sometimes.

Furthermore, the questions asked on the forms are very easy and understandable. However, in case you encounter any troubles filling the form, kindly use the comment box below and let us for further assistance. You can also check out this resource for more guides.

Common Mistakes to Avoid to stand a chance to Win the US Lottery Visa

  1. Do not Submit Duplicate Applications. If you do, you will be denied. So make sure that you submit only one application for yourself.
  2. Photo Mistakes. Do not take a photo with your glasses. Make sure that you remove your glass while taking your Application Passport. Also, make sure that the background color is white.
  3. Do not lie in your application. This is because, during the interview stage, we may likely be fished out.
  4. Do not apply if you don’t have your passport ready. Also, if write incorrect passport details will make you lose the Visa Lottery
  5. Make sure that your name and personal details are correctly entered. If you make this mistake, you will be denied the Visa. However, not all mistakes in personal information will get you disqualified.

In conclusion, make sure to read the instructions carefully to avoid being disqualified.

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What happens after the Application for US VISA LOTTERY?

After Application, winners of the US Visa lottery are selected randomly based on eligibility and the country quota system.

Normally, the portal to check the status of the winners’ Applications is open the following year. This is usually in the month of May by using the Entrant Status Check link which is provided on the US LOTTERY VISA PAGE.

However, you must have your confirmation number with you to check your status. This is the number given to you after registration.  But if you have lost it, you can always recover it.

Conclusion on How to Apply for the 2024 U.S Diversity Visa Lottery Program and Win

The 2024 Diversity Visa Lottery Program. will re-open in October 2022. We decided to provide you with guides on how to apply and win the Visa and relocate to the United States.

If you follow the guides and tips in this article, you will win the US Visa Lottery and become a permanent resident. You will also be able to bring your foreign spouse to live in the U.S. etc. 


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