Study and Work in Australia

Working while studying is a great way to gain practical experience and taste the local culture. The Australian international student visa (subclass 500) allows you to Study and Work in Australia.

The Australian immigration system allows students visiting the country on a student visa to work up to 48 hours every two weeks during term time, and vacations, students can work full-time.

This opportunity makes it much more affordable for students to attend school, funding some of their education through work. This article will consider the benefits of studying and working in Australia, and the work opportunities available to international students.

Benefits of Working and studying in Australia

An international student looking to earn extra money to cover the cost of living can work while pursuing studies. Below are some of the things you should remember:

  • Workplace protections: As a student worker, you are entitled to the same protections as any other employee in Australia. Your rights and safety at work are ensured. These rights include entitlement to a minimum wage, the right to challenge unfair dismissal, breaks or rest periods, and a healthy and safe work environment.
  • Strong support: Throughout your experience as a student worker, you can expect continuous support. Government agencies, private organizations, and your university are available to provide assistance and guidance at every stage of your journey.
  • Work hours: While studying, you are allowed to work a maximum of 40 hours every two weeks. However, during holiday breaks, you have the flexibility to work unlimited hours.
  • Adequate Compensation: Australian law states that the employer must have insurance called Workers’ Compensation, which will provide for medical treatment or any other charges while the employee is sick and not able to work.

Places in Australia where you can work and study

  • Sydney
  • Cairns
  • Melbourne
  • Runner’s Up

Eligibility criteria to Study and Work in Australia – Navigating Visa

The Post-Study Work stream visa (subclass 485) is a new visa option provided by the Australian Government. This visa enables international students to study, reside, and work for a maximum duration of four years. The eligibility criteria include;

  • Academic qualification in a CRICOS-registered course.
  • Age less than 50
  • Proficiency in English and other certificates
  • Must have health insurance covering the entire duration of your stay.

Student Visa (Subclass 500)

With an Australian student visa, International students can remain in Australia for the length of their studies. Foreign students are required to follow all guidelines included in their student visas and make sure the validity period is up to date.

Students who want to work even after graduation should apply for a working visa before their student visa expires. The eligibility criteria for a student visa is:

  • The age of students must be equal to or more than 6 years.
  • Students must be enrolled in a full-time study program in Australia.
  • Proof of welfare arrangement in case if age is less than 18 years.

Subclass 190 Skilled Nominated Visa

This visa allows you to live and work anywhere in Australia. It is designed for skilled workers who are nominated by the Australian territory government and it is also a permanent visa.

Part-Time Work in Australia

Most student visas give International students the permission to work up to 20 hours per week while in school. Before searching for a job, international students should confirm that their visas allow for work.

Visa information is held by the Australian Department of Immigration (DIAC) and can be accessed at any time using the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) system. Students may be able to get part-time jobs in the field of their choice if they already have qualifications or work experience.

Many Australian industries offer part-time work, such as retail, tourism, administration, hospitality, agriculture, and more. Paid or unpaid internships are also a viable option for students wishing to gain work experience in their chosen field while they study. Students may also choose to volunteer for charities and non-government organizations.

How to find Part-time work in Australia

Many large companies list opportunities on their websites, so international students looking for work should check online. Students might also try registering their details at a recruitment firm. These firms help place people in casual or short-term work.

Listings in local community newspapers and supermarket boards are another option, as well as job notice boards found on campus.

Popular Industries for International Students to work and study

Each year, over 900,000 graduates studying in Australia are hired by these industries, showcasing the vast potential for career growth and development. Some of those industries include:

Jobs Industry Average Salary (AUD)
Construction 82,000
Banking and Finance 92,000
Healthcare 70,600
Marketing and Communication 92,000
ICT 84,000


Jobs in Australia for Those with a Bachelor’s Degree
Fields of Study Average Salary (AUD)
Cyber Security 62,000
Nursing 80,000
Architecture 70,000
Accounting 66,000
Agricultural Sciences 70,000
Human Resource Management 70,000
Psychology 76,000
Social Work 74,000
Computer Science Engineering 102,000


Jobs in Australia for those with a PhD
Jobs Roles Average Salary (AUD)
Neurosurgeon 316,100
General Surgeon 176,400
Production Engineer 76,000
R&D Manager 102,500
Biomedical Engineer 79,000
Airline Pilot/Flight Engineer 137,100
Business Intelligence Manager 125,000
Optometrist 83,300
Sports Physiotherapist 82,800
Data Scientist 111,900


About Tax File Number

Tax file numbers are identifiers issued by the Australian Tax Office to individuals or organizations for tax purposes. Modern Tax file numbers have 9 digits, consisting of an 8-digit identifier followed by a 1-digit check digit.

What is the Tax File Number used for?

An individual Tax File Number can only be used or disclosed to facilitate the effective administration of taxation law, certain aspects of personal assistance and superannuation( money set aside while you are working that you can access later or when you retire) law and assist with the identification of individuals for other purposes.

To work in Australia, International students need to get a Tax File Number (TFN). Students who want to work during their studies,  should first visit the Australian Taxation Office to get their TFN.

They will need to provide their name, current address, and date of birth. They may also need to supply their date of arrival in the country, passport, and proof of enrollment.


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