Primerica Life Insurance Review | Is Primerica an MLM? Find Out

Primerica Life Insurance specializes in term life insurance and other financial products that are sold through its full and part-time representatives. There’s a limited choice of life insurance options and rates which are reportedly high.

To add up, life insurance buyers would be better off working with an independent insurance agent who can offer quotes from multiple companies. Primerica also offers a no-exam life insurance option.

Furthermore, its term lengths are up to 35 years. But the companies have high rates, no permanent life insurance options like whole life insurance, and no online quotes. On Prmerica’s official website, you won’t find any relevant info.

Because there is no relevant information on its official site, people wonder if Primerica is an MLM, actually, let’s find out in the following section of this article.

Is Primerica an MLM?

According to Primerica, they say it is not a multilevel marketing company, instead, its compensation structure for representatives has features that are similar to an MLM.

ts agents on the platform can make commissions based not only on their own sales but also on the sales of those they recruit under them, which will include family and friends (just like a Unilevel grid system).

Primerica’s agent material enhances the idea that agents could have other full-time jobs, and sell Primerica’s products for more part-time income.

According to our own thinking, life insurance buyers are better off working with a full-time life insurance agent who’s used to a range of products and companies. You can also consider other providers from our best life insurance companies list.

Types of Primerica Life Insurance Policies

As we mentioned earlier, Primerica life insurance is based on a term life insurance policy, which is their only offering policy, but find out more about this type of policy in the following section.

Primerica Term Life Insurance

Primerica’s targets are middle-class families, with less income and specialises in providing term life insurance. These policies offer a level premium for a specified period.

Primerica’s term length choices are 10, 20, 25, 30, and 35 years, on the other hand, buyers at older ages won’t qualify for the longest lengths.

Once the level period ends, you can then keep on renewing a Primerica life insurance till age 95. Note that rates will be higher at each renewal, which depends on your age.

Primerica trades two types of term life insurance, they include:

  • Custom Advantage term life insurance, needs a life insurance exam. The minimum coverage amount is $150,000.
  • TermNow policies, this doesn’t need a medical exam and can be issued immediately. Coverage accessible is up to $300,000. Due to the no-exam insurance policy nature of TermNow, you should expect rates to be higher than a Custom Advantage policy.
TermNow Custom Advantage
Death benefit Up to $300,000 Minimum of $150,000
Term options 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years
Medical exam required No Yes
Available for applicants Age 18 to 70 Age 18 to 70


The company doesn’t provide permanent policies like whole life insurance or universal life insurance. If you’re interested type, in these types of life insurance policies, you’ll need to work with a different company.

Because the company doesn’t offer any permanent life insurance options, its term life policies don’t have a term life conversion feature.

Here, this feature is common among many other life insurance companies and also allows policyholders to convert a term life to a permanent life insurance policy. Agents in charge of Primerica’s rates and reports mention that it doesn’t offer competitive pricing.

Primerica’s Life Insurance Riders

As always said, a life insurance rider is an extra protection or advantage that one can add to their policy. Riders allow you to customize a policy with more coverage or features. Here are the riders Primerica offers:

To get Primerica life insurance policies, you should contact one of the company’s representatives, and term life insurance quotes are not available on the online official site.

Moreover, to file a claim with Primerica, you can do that by calling (888) 893-9858. Here a claim representative will guide you with the documentation you need to mail to the company with your claim form.

Or you can simply email their customer support at Here’s the customer service number (800) 257-4725.

Primerica’s Whereabouts

You can locate the company in the Atlanta metro area, Primerica was founded in 1977 with the philosophy of “buy term and invest the difference“.

Also, the company began with a team of seven founders and 85 sales representatives, who operate the original name A.L. Williams and Associates, Inc.

After multiple expansions and acquisitions by predecessors of Citigroup Inc. throughout the late 1980s and 1990s, the company was refounded in April 2010 as Primerica, Inc., and became an independent and publicly traded company.

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