No-Exam Life Insurance Companies 2023 Without Medicals

To make life insurance purchases easier, some companies have created No-Exam Life Insurance policies that are competitively priced and easy to get. No-exam policies are scored based on price and coverage benefits to assist you in finding the best no-exam life insurance.

No-Exam Life Insurance Ratings 2023

Company Forbes Advisor Rating Median Time For No-exam Application Approval Maximum Coverage for a No-Exam Policy
Brighthouse Financial 5.0 Same day $3 million
Legal & General America – Banner Life 5.0 12 days $2 million
Pacific Life 5.0 23 days $3 million
Transamerica ( Trendsetter Super Policy) 5.0 19 days $2 million
Prudential 4.5 24 $3 million
Foresters 4.0 18 days $1 million
Haven Life (Haven Term) 4.0 4 days $1 million
Ethos 3.5 Instant $2 million
Ladder 3.0 Instant $3 million
Transamerica 3.0 16 days $2 million
Haven Life (Haven Simple Policy)   Instant $1 million


Some People are unaware of what No-Exam life insurance is, well, the next subheading of this article will tell you more about what No-Exam Life Insurance is.

What Is No-Exam Life Insurance?

It is just exactly how it sounds: Life insurance that does not need a life insurance medical exam.

Meanwhile, the major medical exam requires a series of questions that are related to your health and medical history, followed by a paramedical professional who records information like your blood pressure, weight, and height.

You’ll also be asked to provide blood & urine specimens for testing. It depends on your age if you’re to provide additional testing which includes an electrocardiogram (EKG).

Life insurance, such as the policies we have rated above, they are best suited for life insurance buyer who are in excellent shape without any health issues, and those who are below their 50s. If your age or health disqualifies you from a no-exam policy, it does not necessarily mean that the company will turn you down.

Instead, they might offer to do more traditional underwriting process with a life insurance medical exam. Therefore, if you’re to apply for life insurance, be sure to be prepared for the possibility that the company may end up requesting more details and eventually, an exam.


There are four major types of No-exam life insurance, they include:

  • No-Exam Term Life Insurance
  • No-Exam Whole Life Insurance
  • No-Exam Universal Life Insurance
  • No-Exam Group Life Insurance
No-Exam Term Life Insurance

Some term life policies are no-exam policies. Term Life insurance policies have a level term period in which the rates stay the same. Choices of the term period lengths generally range from 5 to 30 years. After the level term ends, you can just renew yearly at a much higher rate.

No-Exam Whole Life Insurance

Some insurers provide whole life insurance without medical exams. Whole life insurance is a type of permanent life insurance. Policies build cash value at a fixed rate and offer level premiums including death benefits. Whole life insurance is one of the most expensive types of life insurance, and policies offered without medical exams will also increase the price.

No-Exam Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance is sometimes offered with a no-exam option. Universal life is a type of permanent insurance with flexible premiums and flexible death benefits. See the next type of No-exam life insurance below.

No-Exam Group Life Insurance

Group life insurance needs no medical exam. It is a contract where an employer owns a life insurance policy and offers coverage to its employees, normally at no cost to the employee for a basic coverage amount. Unless your policy is simple, you will lose coverage if you leave your job.

How much is Life Insurance without a Medical Exam?

We analyzed no-exam life insurance costs for buyers 30, 40, and 50 who are in excellent health.

Average No-Exam Life Insurance Rates by Age:

20-year, $500,000 policy Cost per year
Male age 30 $275
Male age 40 $426
Male age 50 $1,032
Female age 30 $231
Female age 40 $280
Female age 50 $642


No-Exam Life Insurance Rates by Company:

Life insurance company Cost per year for a male age 30 for a 20-year, $500,000 policy Cost per year for a female age 30 for a 20-year, $500,000 policy
Brighthouse Financial $220 $185
Legal & General America – Banner Life $222 $187
Pacific Life $224 $189
Transamerica (Trendsetter Super policy) $225 $190
Prudential $300 $255
Foresters Financial $250 $225
Haven Life (Haven Term) $242 $209
Ethos $252 $201
Ladder $288 $252
Transamerica (Trendsetter Living Benefits) $290 $240
Haven Life (Haven Simple) $351 $241


Also, there are many factors that affect life insurance rates, and this includes your age, gender, health, and whether or not you smoke. Cost is also based on the type of underwriting used, such as accelerated underwriting or guaranteed issues.

Is No Exam Life Insurance Right for You?

If you know you’re in good health and are a non-smoker, a no-exam life insurance policy can be a good choice if you need fast, low-hassle, but competitively priced coverage. No-exam life insurance seems to be a solid option for young people who want quick coverage without passing through a lot of application hoops.

According to Fred Tavan, chief pricing officer of Legal & General America says:

Individuals most likely to be accepted for no-exam life insurance are those who have provided more accurate information upfront, are seeking death benefit amounts that are a couple of million dollars or less and have few chronic medical conditions.

How to Find the Best for You

Calculate How Much Life Insurance You Need

A No-Exam life insurance policy may not be able to provide the full coverage you need, especially if you’re in search to cover many working years or the years of raising a family.

Before getting life insurance quotes, calculate & estimate how much life insurance you need.  A no-exam policy alone may not be able to offer sufficient coverage.

Access your Chances Before You Apply

Getting life insurance without a long application process is appealing, but don’t jump into a no-exam life insurance application without understanding your chances of getting confirmed. Many no-exam policies need very good health for approval. A denial on your insurance record could hinder future applications.

Don’t be amazed if you end up doing a more traditional application process, which includes a life insurance medical exam if you’ve had some health issues.

Look Past the Cost

It’s true that you don’t want to overpay for life insurance, but you should research more than cost. There are coverage options that are very valuable long after you buy the policy like the option to convert term life to permanent life insurance.

Moreover, check whether there’s an accelerated death benefit, which offers you pass to money from your own death benefit once you become terminally ill.

Have an Alternative in Case of a Rejection

If the company rejects you for No-Exam life insurance because of your health, don’t drop your life insurance search. If you need life insurance, you’ll likely have other routes.

  • Be prepared to go through a more traditional underwriting process that involves a life insurance medical exam.
  • Work with an experienced life insurance agent who can identify insurers known to be more friendly to your specific health conditions.
  • An experienced life insurance agent can shop around your application anonymously so that you don’t risk another rejection.

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