How to Remove Apple App 2022 | Hide and Offload Apps on your iPhone

How to Remove Apple App 2022: Apple phone otherwise known as the iPhone is one of the most widely used mobile phones and tablets these days. In many cases, the phone is quite difficult to understand or operate.

In fact, some without the knowledge of android operation cannot operate Apple phones (iPhone). This is because it is very difficult to understand and operate the phone for it is almost different from our popularly known android phones.

Many people like you confirm that the phone is kind of customized. Because in trying to solve some issues you might create and more complicated one in the process. At times changing the passcode and deleting some unwanted apps can be confusing.

But don’t worry, if that is what brought you here. We are going to teach you that in detail so that you can delete that unwanted app that has been occupying space on your phone affecting your phone’s performance.

Please read on as we take you through the simplest ways to solve the complicating issues by yourself.

How to Remove Apple App 2022- Delete Apps on an iPhone

For those that did not the version of their iOS, here is how you can check on your phone. Go to settings, click on general, tap on the about button, and then your current iOS will display close to “Software Version”.

How to delete apps in iOS 15 and later
  • Locate the app you wish to delete, tap and hold your finger on its icon.
  • Once the pop-up comes, select remove app from the menu
  • Then you can select Delete App from the next pop-up
  • On the next pop-up, click on the Delete
  • Allow the app to automatically delete, then you are through.

Very simple and easy right? Here we give you answers to any question you bring to us. And we don’t make our answers to be complicating like many other platforms. Read on for more on iOS 14.

How to delete apps in iOS 14
  • On your home screen, locate the app you wish to delete, and tap and hold your finger on its icon.
  • A menu will appear, there click on the Rearrange Apps button
  • All the apps on the home screen will start making slight movements (jiggling). A small red X icon will pop up at the top of all the apps that you can delete.
  • Locate the app you want to delete and click on the X on top of it/.
  • An interface will appear asking you to confirm that you want to delete the app.
  • Click on delete to delete the app.

The same steps can be applied if you want to delete it in iOS 13 & 12. For some, we will still give the procedures again.

How to Remove Apple App 2022- How to delete apps in iOS 13 and earlier
  • On your home screen, locate, tap and hold the app you want to delete for about 2 seconds for the icons to start jiggling, then appears small x marks on each of the apps
  • Tap on x on the app you wish to delete
  • On the pop-up, click on delete to successfully delete the app.

Most of the time, we delete apps probably by mistake and when done there is no way to undo it or retrieve the data we have in the app. But if you wish to save the app’s data, we urge you to hide the app from your home screen or offload the app below is a guild on how you can do so.

How to hide apps on your Apple Phone without deleting them

This is available for iOS 14 and later.

  • On the app, you want to delete, click and hold on it down on its icon
  • On the menu, select Remove
  • After that, select Remove From Home Screen the app will now be hidden from your home screen to your App Library
  • To access your App Library, swipe to the rightmost page of your home screen. You can use the search Centre to search for the app you want.
  • To return the app to your home screen, go to your library, locate the app, tap and hold on it and then select the Add to Home Screen. Option.

To help us serve you better on the recent updates, or if you have any question base on our article, also do so in the comment section.

How do I delete apps from my iPhone 2022?

Start up your home screen, tap-hold the app you want to delete, until the app starts shaking with a red X  on each of the apps, click on the X on the app you want to delete, and then click on the delete option in the menu.

How do I delete an app that won’t be deleted?

For you to be able to remove such apps, you must request administration permission, through the following steps.

Go to settings on your phone, head to the security section, locate device administration, tap on the app name and press deactivate, after that, you can then uninstall the app.

Why won’t Apple let me delete an app?

If you have Screen Time enabled, go to Settings/Screen Time/Content & Privacy / Restrictions/iTunes and App Store Purchases and change deleting Apps to allow.

How to delete an App from the iCloud download?

On your iPhone or iPad, go to the settings app, click on your Apple Account, go to iCloud, go to Manage Storage, and tap on the backups button, there, you will see a list of devices connected to your iCloud account, tap the one you want to remove app permanently.

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