7 Highly Demand Jobs In Canada You Can Apply For 2023

In Canada, the first quarter of 2023 saw a record number of jobs available. Many jobs are in high demand throughout Canada, but a few of them have seen rapid development.

Canada’s labor force is in a good position to accept immigrants. There is a great need for skilled workers to fill these vacant positions due to the current high level of job vacancies.

People often discover that it is easier to find a career path in certain areas with the help of employment agencies.

Canada is known for its high-demand jobs.

There are several occupations that fall under the skilled labor category, including welders, general laborers and truck drivers.

This is true for all positions in administrative and professional fields, including administrative assistants, project managers, account managers, receptionists, and account managers.

Canada is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations for immigrants in recent years.

People choose Canada because of its immigration policies.

Canada offers a high standard of living, great job opportunities, security and safety, as well as stunning geographic locations.

This article will show you the best career options and high-paying jobs available in Canada.

Canada’s Career Opportunities

Canada’s career prospects offer excellent earning potential over the next five to 10 years as employers face skill shortages.

Statistics Canada reports that the number of job openings in Canada reached an all-time high of 912 600 in the third quarter 2021.

Ted Mallett (CFIB’s vice-president and chief economist) said that businesses will likely respond by investing more capital than labor, as well as distributing wages to key positions in the company.

Canada offers a number of employment-friendly programs such as the Global Talent Stream or Global Skills Strategy.

These programs allow work permits to be processed within two weeks for immigrants who have the relevant skills.

If you are a skilled IT professional, you can be sure to get a job with the best Canadian employers.

Below is a table that shows Canada’s vacancies by province.

Provinces Vacancy Rate Jobs that are not filled
Quebec 4.10% 0.10% 117,700
British Columbia 3.70% 67,100
Ontario 3.30% 0.10% 167,900
New Brunswick 2.70% 6,300
Manitoba 2.60% 11,300
Nova Scotia 2.60% 0.10% 7,900
Alberta 2.60% 0.10% 41,800
Saskatchewan 2.00% 6,900
Prince Edward Island 1.50% 700
Newfoundland & Labrador 1.30% -0.10% 2,100

Toronto is a popular destination for foreign nationals due to its political climate. This has created a large pool of IT and tech graduates.

Many companies have relocated because of the lower overhead costs in Canada than the US.

Canada currently faces a shortage in technologically skilled professionals and engineers, as many of its bright college graduates are leaving Canada for Silicon Valley.

It makes up for the shortage by hiring skilled foreign workers to meet market demand.

7 High-Demand Jobs in Canada 2023

#1 Driver

These drivers include long-haul truck, forklift and delivery drivers.

You have a high chance of getting employment in Canada if you are able to drive a commercial vehicle.

Because there is such a demand for commodities and goods to be transported, commercial drivers are necessary.

You will need either a commercial driver’s licence or certification as a forklift driver. Finding work in Canada should not be difficult if you have all the necessary licenses.

Hourly average wage: $ 19.50

#2 Web Developer

You can work as a web developer in a variety of companies, such as small and medium-sized businesses, large corporations and government agencies.

Web developer is a specialist in the creation of applications or programs.

Canada’s two week processing time for the Global Talent Stream gives web developers a clear path to obtaining a Canada work permit.

Hourly average wage is $38.46

#3 Merchandiser

Merchandisers choose which goods to order and arrange them on the shelves.

Retail businesses such as Walmart, Canadian Tire and Real Canadian Superstore hire them frequently.

#4 Registered nurse

Canada is looking for jobs in the healthcare industry.

Nurses have received a greater number of perks and bonuses because of the labor shortage that occurred during the pandemic.

There are many immigration options for overseas nurses who have experience in nursing because of the high demand.

Hourly average wage: $ 40.00

#5 Welder

Canada is expected to increase its workforce by 23,000 welder positions by 2028. In British Columbia and Prince Edward Island, welders are in high demand.

However, welders are more likely to be able to offer a significant advantage in the country.

Working as a welder has the added benefit that you can make a steady income even if your graduate or undergraduate studies are over.

Welding is one of the most in-demand jobs right now in Canada.

To become a welder in Canada, you will need to complete an apprenticeship, vocational training or both.

This position is now one of the 15 most in-demand for the current year. It’s due to the decrease in skilled trade workers. It indicates that Canada requires more workers in the welder sector.

You may have a better chance of getting work as a welder, and a higher salary. This is because you can weld underwater.

Hourly average wage: $ 19.00

#6 Engineer

Canada is in high demand for engineers of all types, regardless of whether they work with virtual or physical infrastructure.

Employers look abroad for qualified candidates as Canada is facing a shortage in engineers.

Hourly average wage: $44.00

#7 IT project manager

IT project managers are responsible for overseeing, planning, and implementing a company’s IT goals.

The Canadian tech sector is thriving. Most tech jobs are in high demand throughout Canada.

This growing need for workers is driving the demand for IT project managers.

Average hourly wage of $ 52.88

Other In-Demand Jobs in Canada
  • General Labourer
  • Managers of Human Resources (HR).
  • Electrician
  • Veterinarians (Vets)
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Financial Advisor
  • Pharmacist
  • Administrative assistants
  • Merchandiser
  • Receptionist
  • Web Developer
  • Human Resources and Recruitment Officers

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