High Paying Jobs in USA for International Students: Job Roles & Jobs Post-Study

International students looking for higher education in the United States are top choices. The country offers a wide range of job opportunities and a high-quality education.

The highest-paying jobs are in law, healthcare, finance, engineering and management.

Over the next decade, many jobs will be dominant in the economy, including those in technology and health care.

The new Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that some people earn more than USD 100,000 annually.

Except for IT and healthcare, the employment of marketing, promotion, and advertising managers is increasing at an alarming rate. It is predicted that it will grow by 10% between 2020 and 2030, which is almost in line to the national average for all occupations.

In the next decade, there will be an average of 31,100 advertising, promotions, or marketing manager vacancies.

MBA can also be a great way for one to accelerate their career. MBA jobs in the USA have a 95% employment rate.

An international applicant must obtain a work visa to be eligible for work in the USA.

Noncitizens who want to immigrate based upon their work qualifications are eligible for around 140,000 H1B visas each year.

Nonimmigrants are most in demand in the USA as engineers, doctors, and computer professionals.

Popular, high-paying jobs in the USA

These are the highest-paying positions in law, healthcare, information technology and management.

Healthcare jobs ranked #1 on the USA’s list of highest-paying occupations.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, (BLS) predicts that healthcare vocations will grow by 15% between 2019 and 2029, creating approximately 2.4 million jobs.

Below are some of the most lucrative jobs in America, along with required educational qualifications.


After four years of medical school, anesthesiologists who want to become doctors in the United States typically complete a 4-year residency. The length of the residency can vary depending on the subspecialty. The job market for anesthesiologists is expected to increase by 15.5% between 2026 and 2026.


The American Psychiatric Association states that the first year of residency involves managing a number of medical conditions in a hospital setting. Next, there are three to five years devoted to mental health.

Upon graduation, many graduates apply for certification with the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be 11.9% growth in employment for psychiatrists between 2019-2029.

Chief executives

Except for entrepreneurs who start their own businesses, the first step to a career in leadership is usually to get a business-related degree such as business administration.

Projections for top executives to increase by 8% between 2020 and 2030 are optimistic

Flight Engineers , Copilots and Airline Pilots

Airline pilots typically require a Bachelor’s Degree and an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration.

This sector is expected to grow 14% between 2020 and 2030, faster than all other occupations.

Legal worker

To become a legal worker, one must have a thorough knowledge of legal procedures and the laws laid down in the constitution.

To be a lawyer, a law student must hold an LLB degree. The projected growth in the number of lawyers working is 9% between 2020 and 2030

Below are some of the highest-paying US jobs and their average salaries.

Salaries (USD/year)
Growth Rate
Health Care Workers 208,000 16%
Prosthodontists 208,000 2.2%
Family medicine physicians 207,380 7%
Chief executives 185,950 8%
Nurse practitioners 183,580 45%
All other specialists, dentists 183,300 8%
Pediatricians, general 177,130 3%
Copilots and pilots of airline aircraft, as well as flight engineers 160,970 13%
Managers of computer and information systems 151,150 11%
Managers in engineering and architecture 149,530 4%
Advertising, Promotions and Marketing Managers 135,900 10%
Financial managers 129,890 17%
Analytics Manager 108,565 14%
Social Media Strategist 110,080 7%
The highest paying jobs in the USA with top Recruiters
Company Industries Average Salary in USD
Walmart Supermarkets, eCommerce, Retail and Retail 85,000
Amazon eCommerce 121,000
Home Depot Construction Materials, eCommerce, and Retail 72,978
Berkshire Hathaway Inc Financial Services and Investments 112,000
JPMorgan Chase Bank Services and Credit Cards 90,000
Microsoft Corporation Technology Software and IT Laptops 128,000
Apple Technology Mobiles & Accessories Electronics 135,000
Alphabet Inc Internet- or mobile app-based business 129,554
Tesla Automobile 98,000
Facebook Communication Services 132,000
Adobe Software Products 125,000
The highest-paying jobs in the USA for Startups

Startups are known for offering employees more than average incentives, such as health insurance and General Motors insurance catered lunches.

Company Industries Average Salary in USD
Hiya Business Products & Software Services 83,007
Bestow Finance 118,119
Unite Us Business Products & Software Services 106,192
Curology Lifestyle & Health 115,993
Petal Finance 61,500
Human Interest Finance 97,469
Faire Retail 107,400
Dataiku Technology 110,042
Well Health Healthcare 69,870
Auth0 Security 109,032

These are some of America’s Top Startup Employers

After Studies, the highest-paying jobs in USA are those that pay the most

The ROI is a major reason why so many students choose the USA to study, despite the high cost of higher education.

Below are the salaries available to graduates of top American educational institutions:

University Salaries (USD/year)
University of Chicago 61,600-209,000
Northwestern University 63,000- 175,000
University of California, Berkeley 66,000- 193,000
Yale University 68,300- 233,000
Duke University 68,700- 210,000
Columbia University 69,200
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 71,200
Stevens Institute of Technology 71,500
Harvard University 72,600
Colorado School of Mines 72,400
Princeton University 72,700
Thomas Jefferson University 73,000
Stanford University 76,500
MIT 82,700
California Institute of Technology 83,400
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 83,600
Cornell University 85,000
University of Michigan 85,000
The highest-paying jobs in the USA Cities

Low-wage jobs in some areas may be paid significantly more in other parts of America due to factors such as the cost and financial resources of the local firms.

One of the best reasons to move to a city is to find the highest-paying jobs available in the USA.

Salaries for high-paying jobs depend on your specialization, experience, and where you are located.

A Pasadena surgeon’s average salary is 4% more than the national median. Conversely, the salary of a New Britain marketing manager is 7% above the national median.

Below are the average salaries offered in the US for those who work in these cities.

City Average Salaries (USD/year)
San Jose, CA 93,450
San Francisco, CA 81,840
Washington, DC 77,210
Seattle, WA 74,330
Stamford, CT 74,000
Boston, MA 73,850
Hartford, CT 65,750
Denver, CO 64,880
Durham-Chapel Hill, NC 64,430
Dayton, OH 53,820
How to Find Jobs in the USA

The USA is “The Land of Opportunity”. There are many career and employment options in the USA, and there are different routes to get them.

These methods can be used to obtain the majority of American employment:

Sites for Job Search

There are hundreds of job boards in the United States, both paid and domestic.

Below is a list with a selection of US employment sites. You can choose those that apply to your industry or vacant positions.

CareerBuilder – It is a large global employment board that has almost 125,000,000 candidate profiles.

It currently offers three price options that can be purchased either monthly or annually.

Indeed- Being consistently ranked among the top job posting websites worldwide, Indeed is an excellent investment for employers. Indeed allows you to advertise your job both for a fee and for free.

Monster- This well-known job portal has three pricing options to suit your hiring needs. It can also send job postings to partner sites and newspapers in the United States.

US.jobs – You can reach potential candidates through our job board and a network that includes 25,000 specialty employment sites.

LinkedIn- The Recruiter will help you connect with professionals from a variety sectors in a more strategic and effective way.

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