Care and Support Worker Jobs in CV5 England 2024 Apply Now

This article provides the necessary information on applying Now for Care and Support Worker Jobs in CV5 England 2024. Being a care and support worker is a job of high profitability and it also allows expressing your kindness toward those who are physically disabled, elderly, and others who have mental health needs.


What is Cv5 In full?

Cv5 is the postcode for the Coventry district in the West Midlands country of England. This postcode covers the area from the city ventre of Coventry and continues toward the south of Coventry and extending into Finham, Exhall, Radford Semele, and Ash Green.

Who is a Care and Support Worker?

A Caregiver or support worker helps a person who requires assistance with everyday activities so they can live their best life. A Caregiver also works and takes care of homes with elderly people, these also include people who are disabled physically, or mentally.

As a caregiver, you provide physical and emotional support to those who depend on you, their domestic duties are to be performed by you. You help these people to live their lives which is a very great and fulfilling job to do.

Apply Now for Care and Support Worker Jobs in CV5 England 2024

The Extracare Charitable Trust-affiliated Earlsdon Park Retirement Village, located in the centre of Coventry, is presently looking for Care and Support Workers to help with their in-house domiciliary care service.

What you need to know about Exta care

At ExtraCare, we provide our residents with access to exceptional retirement villages, thereby fostering opportunities for care and lifestyle that genuinely improve the quality of life for the elderly. Residents and their families have access to a variety of communal facilities at The Village, including a social village center, village hall, bar and bistro, fitness center, IT suite, hair and beauty salon, and shop.

ExtraCare is dedicated to ensuring that our recruitment procedures are impartial and all-encompassing in nature. This entails providing candidates with reasonable accommodations during the entire recruitment procedure. Click here to apply.

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Details of Care and Support Worker Jobs in CV5 England

  • Job type: permanent, part-time
  • Location: Coventry, West Midlands, United Kingdom, CV5 6JQ
  • Pay: £9,360-£11,115 per annum

Benefits of Care and Support Worker Jobs for both the worker and the client

  • Affection and Acclimation: those who are being cared for, frequently experience a heightened sense of security and comfort when they reside in the same environment with their caregivers.
  • Adaptable Timetable: Generally, the schedules of care support workers are more flexible, with many following the rotational pattern (e.g., a few days of work followed by days off), which allows for breaks of personal time in between shifts.
  • Professional Development: As a result of their frequent and intimate engagement with the care recipient, care support workers frequently acquire an extensive array of competencies that contribute to their professional development in the caregiving domain.
  • Building More Robust Relationships: when people live together, they develop connections and stronger bonds between each other and this can be seen between a caregiver and his client. They both will foster a more nurturing and encouraging environment.
  • Family’s Stress Is Alleviated: Families of the individual receiving care frequently experience a sense of relieve in the knowledge that a committed caregiver resides with them, thereby reducing their anxiety and enabling them to concentrate on other activities.
  • All-inclusive Care: Support personnel who provide continuous care and assistance ensure that the individual in need has access to aid at all times of the day and night.

Note- It is important to acknowledge that all Care and Support Workers will be required to operate on a 7-day Rota system, which will be provided in advance. Additionally, they will be expected to work weekends when necessary to fulfill the requirements of the domiciliary care service.

How much do support workers get paid in London?

The average salary for a support worker is £26,167 per year in London. The average additional cash compensation for a support worker in London is £1,064, with a range from £274 to £4,136. Salaries estimates are based on 1320 salaries submitted anonymously to Glass door by Support Worker.

Responsibilities of Care and Support Worker Jobs in CV5 England

In the role of a Care and Support Worker, the following responsibilities will be expected of you:

  • Fostering and bolstering the inhabitants’ physical, emotional, and overall welfare
  • Ensure documents and records are completed in accordance with our policy.
  • Deliver comprehensive domiciliary care to our residents, encompassing personal and physical well-being as well as assistance with social engagements.
  • Encourage autonomy and confidence
  • Provide personal, emotional and physical support to older people who require assistance with daily living such as in dressing, showering, preparing food and eating.

Qualifications for Caregivers and Support Workers

  • Effective communicator, personable, and a team player
  • Adaptable on hours
  • Be in possession of a care certificate or be prepared to pursue a care qualification
  • Dedicated to providing superior care services.

How do you get sponsored to work as a caregiver in the United Kingdom?

You must have a job offer from an approved UK employer before you apply for a Health and Care Worker visa. Approved employers are also known as sponsors because they are sponsoring you to come to or stay in the UK. You must have a job offer from the NHS.


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