How To Apply For Canada Student Visa

Each year more than 130,000 international students are willing to study at a Canadian university with Canada Student Visa . Canada not only provides a high-quality education system but also provides numerous possibilities and vibrant culture.

The three main aspects that Canada and its academic institutions are focused on are our research, scientific publications, and international collaborations.

But how difficult can it be to get a student visa, also known as a Canadian study permit, for Canada? Finding out about this will be of great importance when you decide where you want to study.

Therefore, what do you need to engage in to get your student visa for Canada, and how hard can it be?

Don’t worry we’ll find out together:

Apply To a Canadian University And Get Your Acceptance Letter

If you’re still confused as to where you want to study in Canada, you need to decide before you can start your student visa application process. After you have been accepted at a Canadian university, you’ll get an acceptance letter that will be required for the visa application.

Below are some Canadian universities we recommend you check out:

Check If You Need To Apply For a Student Visa In Canada

To find out if you need a study visa or permit, you can use the official Canadian study tool. You do not need a study visa if one of the listed below applies to you:

  • You are a family or staff member of a foreign representative in Canada, who has accreditation by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development Canada.
  • You enroll in a study program that lasts less than six months.
  • You are a member of any foreign armed forces from the Visiting Forces Act.
  • You are a citizen of another country, but you have an Indian status registered in Canada.

Therefore remember that the study permit/visa doesn’t act as a systematic visa, that allows you to enter or travel to Canada. to accomplish that you need a travel visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).

Start Your Application For The Canadian Student Visa

Immediately after you get the acceptance letter from the university, next things to proceed to the next step: submitting an application for a student visa, which in local knowledge is called a study permit.

There are steps to follow before getting your student visa, First is:

  • Apply online for your Canadian student visa, on the citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) platform before reaching Canada.
  • Send the visa application documents through the post if you have a poor internet connection or cannot submit the document online.
  • Supply an acceptance letter from a designated learning institution (a university that has recognition by the Canadian government).
  • Convey proof of enough financial resources to prop up your studies in Canada (tuition fees and the expense of living).
  • Dispense evidence confirming you have no criminal record.
  • Give in clinical records that state you to be in good health; give in complete medical examinations if required.

Visa regulations states, if you have a relative working or applying for a work permit in Canada, the application for your study permit will be processed in two weeks. You may renew or extend your study permit if:

  • You wish to continue your study
  • Your program is extended
  • You had a change of university

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