Best High Paying Engineering Jobs in the USA 2023

Civil engineering is vital to the smooth operation of our infrastructure. Engineers in this field can upgrade and plan new roads, tunnels and bridges as well as fix old ones.

Although architects also plan, they design and plan things such as office buildings and houses. Biomedical engineers design software and devices for the healthcare industry.

Career satisfaction is subjective.

Some people love the idea of creating high-profile marketing campaigns to promote hot products. Others dream of having healthy babies for their parents.

However, there are certain career attributes that are desired by everyone. Higher salaries, open positions and promotion opportunities are all desirable for workers.

These characteristics are used for the U.S. Best Engineering Jobs 2023 rankings.

This article will explain the methodology behind ranking jobs, how they are selected and ranked against each other.

How to Choose the Job

To select a profession for the 2023 rankings.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics determined the top jobs that would have the most openings between 2021 and 2031. We then identified the jobs with the highest percentage of job openings.

The 2023 Best Jobs analysis and rankings selected the top jobs.

Our 2023 Best Engineering Jobs List has many occupations that offer high salaries and diversity.

About the Component Measures


#1 Median Salary

According to the BLS, this is the median salary earned by people working in a particular occupation.

Why is important?

Salary is still an important consideration for most people when choosing a career path.

How does this score get calculated?

The following formula is used to convert the median salary from a dollar amount into a numerical score: Salary score = square root of median salary divided by forty

We have a maximum score of 10 points for salary.

#2 Unemployment Rate

This is the current unemployment rate for a particular occupation.

Why is important?

Low unemployment rates indicate that there are many opportunities for employment in this field.

How does this score get calculated?

We convert the unemployment rates for each profession to a 10-point scale.

If a job’s unemployment rate falls below.80%, it gets the maximum 10 points. Eight points are awarded to jobs with unemployment rates between 1.7% & 3.15%.

Earn six points between 3.15% to 5.8%, between 5.8% to 33% earn four points, and jobs with unemployment rates greater than 33% earn two points.

#3 10-Year Growth Volume

According to the BLS, growth volume is the number of jobs that will be created in the next ten years for a particular occupation.

The BLS estimates that the U.S. will create 370,600 software developer jobs by 2021-2031.

Why is important?

Future job seekers might have more options if the number of jobs in an occupation is expected to rise.

How does this score get calculated?

We convert job growth volumes into a score of up 10 points.

The highest score was given to occupations that are expected to grow by at least 85,000 openings.

Occupations that have a job growth rate between 36,000 to 84,999 were awarded eight points. Between 10,000 and 35.999 was awarded six points. Between 1,000 and 9,999 was awarded four points. Those with fewer than 1,000 openings received two points.


#4 Future Job Opportunities

Based on the ratio of job seekers to job openings, this rating indicates the likelihood that you will land a job in future.

The BLS predicts that physician assistants will be in great demand because of the aging population and the increase in patients with chronic illnesses.

The number of available treatments will increase due to technological advances in medicine.

The BLS however projects that there will be a decline in cashiers in the next ten years due to technological advancements such as self-service checkout stands and increased online sales.

Cashiers are in high demand, which means that there is less job prospects for this occupation.

Why is important?

A higher job outlook rating is better for those who are looking for a career that will be in high demand over the next 10 year.

How does this score get calculated?

We convert the BLS “descriptive ratings” into a score of 10 points.

A job with an “excellent prospect rating” earned 10 points. A job with a 9/10 rating earned 9 points. A job with a 8/10 rating earned 8 points.

A job that has a favorable rating earned six points. A job with many prospects earned four points. An occupation with a high rating of “keen competition”, earned two points.

These are the top engineering jobs.

  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Architect
  • Environmental Engineering Technician
#1 Biomedical Engineer

Median salary: $97,410

Biomedical engineering is an application of the principles of engineering to biology or medicine.

This can be seen in healthcare from diagnosis and analysis to treatment, recovery and rehabilitation. It has also been made more visible by the growing number of implantable medical devices.

These include pacemakers, artificial hips, and more futuristic technologies like stem cell engineering and 3-D printing biological organs.

Engineering is a creative field. It’s the source of many innovative ideas that have led to everything, from cars to aircraft, skyscrapers and sonar.

Biomedical engineering is concerned with the advancements that can improve health and care at all levels.

#2 Petroleum Engineer

Median salary: $130,850

Petroleum engineering is a mixture of exploration, innovation, and expansion.

This major is essential for any other profession to be able to do their work effectively.

Energy plays an important role in our daily lives, from our smartphones to cars to our homes. It raises our standard for living.

Petroleum engineers are innovators who work together to fuel the world.

Petroleum engineers use mathematics, physics and geology to solve critical issues that will ensure energy security. They are highly sought after.

Petroleum engineering is interrelated with many other engineering disciplines such as mechanical, chemical, or civil engineering.

#3 Environmental Engineer

Median salary: $96,820

Environmental engineering aims to make sure that social development, water and land use, as well as air and water resources, are sustainable.

This is possible by managing these resources to reduce environmental pollution and degrading.

Engineers who study the environment and devise technical solutions to problems like water and soil pollution can be called environmental engineers.

These problems can be managed or attenuated in a way that is compatible with legislative and economic concerns.

Civil engineers are involved in water supply and drainage, groundwater quality management, remediation and waste management, as well as management of surface and groundwater quality.

Because engineering solutions must meet environmental standards, environmental engineers are needed to play a key role in protecting the environment.

Consulting firms, municipalities and government agencies, industry, and other non-governmental organizations.

Specialized contractors can also be an employer for civil engineers with a specialization within environmental engineering.

#4 Civil Engineer

Median salary: $88,050

A civil engineer is someone who practices civil engineering. This includes:

  • Firstly, planning,
  • Secondly, designing,
  • Thirdly, constructing,
  • Fourthly, maintaining,
  • Protecting the public and environment while maintaining infrastructure
  • Finally, improving the infrastructure that was neglected.

Because it deals with the built environment, civil engineering is one the oldest engineering disciplines.

Design, plan, and supervise the construction and maintenance building structures and facilities such as roads and bridges.

#5 Mechanical Engineer

Median salary: $95,300

Mechanical engineering, technically speaking, is the application and problem-solving of engineering principles from design to manufacturing to the market for any object.

The principles of motion, energy and force are used by mechanical engineers to analyze their work. This ensures that designs operate safely, efficiently, reliably and at a reasonable cost.

Mechanical engineers are a significant part of society. Because mechanical engineering careers focus on developing technologies that meet human needs,

Nearly every product and service we use in our modern lives has been touched by a mechanical engineer.

This includes creating solutions for tomorrow’s challenges and solving them today in energy, transportation, health care, food, space exploration, climate change and other areas.

#6 Architecture

Median salary: $80,180

Architecture is the science and art of engineering large buildings and structures.

Architecture is a choice for those who are passionate about both science and art. Admissions requirements to architecture typically require both artistic and mathematical ability.

Many people will simply answer “What is architecture?” by saying that architects design buildings.

Architecture careers can involve a more diverse work schedule.

Much of the time, a practicing architect at a small-to-medium-sized firm will also be involved in

  • Firstly, Planning,
  • Secondly, Budgeting,
  • Handling financial accounts is the third.
  • Negotiating with contractors
  • Ensure compliance with safety and health regulations at work
  • Final, Preparing specifications and drawings for materials and workmanship.
#7 Environmental Engineering Technician

Median salary: $48,900

First, technicians and environmental engineering technologists implement plans that are developed by environmental engineers.

Many technicians and environmental engineers work full-time. They can work indoors or outdoors and have often regular working hours.

Associate’s degrees in environmental engineering technology are required for technicians and technologists in the field of environmental engineering.

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